Thursday, 2 Feb 2023

Wootton slams Harry as ‘Duke of Delusion’ after ‘blackmailing’ Firm

Prince William ‘won’t forgive and forget’ says Dan Wootton

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GB News host Dan Wootton has slammed Prince Harry as the “Duke of Delusion” as he accused the 38-year-old of “blackmailing” the Royal Family. Prince Harry used his autobiography ‘Spare’, which hit bookshelves on January 10, to discuss his life in the Firm. However, the Duke of Sussex also made several claims about his relatives, including brother Prince William, father King Charles and step-mother Queen Consort Camilla.

Following its release, the father-of-two demanded an apology from the Firm for the treatment of his wife Meghan Markle.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, Prince Harry said: “You know what you did, and I now know why you did it. And you’ve been caught out, so just come clean.”

Wootton responded to the Duke’s recent comments and suggested the Sussexes should instead issue an apology.

Writing for MailOnline, the Kiwi-born journalist claimed: “It’s emotional blackmail on a global scale.

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“Issue a grovelling apology to my wife and I against your better judgement.

“Then forgive us for spilling your biggest secrets and darkest moments, laced with the most grotesque criticism to which you can’t respond, to the highest bidder – or there’s even worse to come.

“That was the twisted threat from Prince Harry briefed personally, somewhat ironically, given his apparent hatred of the British Press, to one of his favourite propagandists in the print media at the weekend.

“The Duke of Delusion warned sinisterly in yet another deranged interview that he has a further 400 pages of material ready to publish, including further toxic revelations about his father and brother.”

Providing a solution to the tensions between the father-of-two and the Firm, Wootton argued: “The only solution is to get tough on the Sussexes and freeze them out until they apologise for their treacherous behaviour.”

He added: “These advisers are on another planet if they expect William to sit down in a room with his out-of-control bro and admit wrongdoing as part of a wider royal apology within the next four months.

“I revealed that the brothers’ relationship was already effectively over after Harry allowed Meghan to go on Oprah Winfrey and trash Kate in front of the world for apparently making her cry following a drama over bridesmaid dresses.

“But in Spare, Harry has painted Wills as an angry, balding, cold egomaniac who was never there for him and physically attacked him twice recently.

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“It’s an unforgivable portrayal that completely distorts history, but one that will, sadly, stick with the Prince of Wales for the rest of his life.

“So the idea that William, who, yes, still loves his brother, will be party to any sort of grovelling apology to appease Harry is for the birds.

“But Charles too needs to man up and realise that the appeasement strategy he has employed to deal with Harry has failed spectacularly.” has approached the Duke of Sussex for comment.

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