Wednesday, 20 Jan 2021


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Zimbabwe’s foreign minister dies from Covid-19.

HARARE, Zimbabwe — Zimbabwe’s minister of foreign affairs and international trade, Sibusiso Busi Moyo, has died, the office of the president said on Wednesday. The cause was complications related to Covid-19. Mr. Moyo became the fourth high-ranking official in Zimbabwe to succumb to the virus since the start of the pandemic. “The late minister succumbed […]

Ugandan Opposition Cooped Up in His Home

Uganda’s defeated presidential candidate Bobi Wine has tweeted that he and his family are “under house arrest and stuck with an 18-month-old baby”. Bobi Wine tweeted that the baby’s father had been blocked from going into the compound. He added that they had run out of food and milk. Soldiers have surrounded the politician’s home […]

Namibia Switches to Safer Fishing Lines

A cheap and simple change to the equipment used by Namibian fishing boats is saving tens of thousands of vulnerable seabirds annually, researchers have estimated. Some industrial fleets often use long lines fitted with thousands of baited hooks, which attract seabirds. In attempting to snatch away the bait, the birds can become tangled in the […]

Senegalese Top Student Seems to be On Hiatus

A case of kidnapping now turned normal disappearance. French investigators say Senegal’s best student Diary Sow whom authorities declared missing in Paris since the 8th of January may have voluntarily disappeared. According to the investigators, Sow is safe and sound and the criminal trial has been dropped. The brilliant Senegalese student Diary Sow, in prep […]

A Three Decade Stalemate in Somalia Continues Unabated

Al-Shabaab continues to pursue the goal of installing itself in power. To achieve this, it aims to overthrow the Western-backed Somali government and eject foreign forces from the country. For its part, the Somali government relies largely on international support to deliver stability and reconstruction. To resolve the conflict, some observers have urged the Somali […]

Reach Africa’s 1.35-Billion Consumers With Content In The Region’s Most Widely Spoken Local Languages, Says Pronto Translations

When targeting consumers, the messaging needs to include local languages to reach that 76% that prefer reading in their native language. A survey undertaken recently by CSA Research (formerly Common Sense Advisory) of 8,709 consumers in 29 countries worldwide discovered that 76% of online shoppers prefer to buy products with information in their native language, […]

Creating a Cold Storage Chain for Vaccines Meant for Africa

While the African Union has secured 270 million vaccine doses for distribution across the continent, in addition to those promised by the global vaccine program COVAX, this could still fall short of demand for the region. Even if enough vaccines are secured, there is an enormous logistical challenge: how to transport temperature-sensitive vaccines to places […]

House of the Big Arch

Designed to be at one with its unique location in the Bushveld Nature Preserve in northern South Africa, the House of the Big Arch is a masterpiece of contemporary residential living. Designed by Frankie Pappas Architects of Johannesburg, the unusual dimensions of the structure commune with the forest while also making a stunning statement. Measuring […]

Fossil Fuels To Continue Dominating Africa’s Energy Mix Through 2030

A new study, published in Nature Energy, from the University of Oxford predicts that total electricity generation across the African continent will double by 2030, with fossil fuels continuing to dominate the energy mix – posing potential risk to global climate change commitments.  A new study into Africa’s energy generation landscape uses a state-of-the-art machine-learning […]