Sunday, 13 Jun 2021


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Young Nigerians with Disabilities Look to Soccer for Relief

Soccer among young people with disabilities is increasingly popular in Nigeria. In Katsina, one team trains daily for national competition. But their activity serves above all for leisure and health. Disability doesn’t stop them from playing soccer. The activity is recreational and serves for socialization. Here, obstacles stay off the court. The rules of the […]

The 6th Agrofood & Plastprintpack Nigeria A Major Milestone Event

Top level 3-day Nigeria conference on free trade, plastics industry,  global packaging standards, food safety, finance & digitalization  (Heidelberg/Lagos) Due to upbeat market development and an ever-increasing interest in the  Nigerian market, the 6th edition of agrofood Nigeria & plastprintpack Nigeria in 2021 is all set to  become a major milestone event for the Nigerian […]

“There is Famine Now in Tigray” – UN Aid Chief

About 350,000 people in Ethiopia’s conflict-torn Tigray region are facing “catastrophic” food shortages, according to an analysis by United Nations agencies and aid groups. If the conflict deepens or humanitarian assistance is hampered, most areas of Tigray will be at risk of famine, it said. Even if aid deliveries are stepped up, the situation is […]

Uganda Urged to Optimise Service Delivery to its Elderly

Up to a third of adults in Uganda have been excluded from vital healthcare and social services because they do not have national ID cards, according to a report. Women and elderly people have been particularly affected by the introduction of the digital identity cards, which are required to access government and private sector healthcare, […]

NOG 2021 To Host To Government, IOCs, And Industry Stakeholders Safely

And In Person This July 2021 The Organisers of Nigeria’s foremost Oil, Gas and LNG Conference and International Exhibition (NOG), are looking forward to hosting its 20th edition in person in Abuja between 5 – 8, July 2021, with the theme: Fortifying the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry for Economic Stability and Growth. The theme […]

Canadian Billionaire Hails DRC as Key to Spurring Green Technology

An African nation emerging from decades of conflict and corruption holds the key to greening the global economy. That’s the view of mining magnate Robert Friedland, whose Kamoa-Kakula venture just started producing copper in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). After scouring 59 countries for more than three decades, the Canadian billionaire says the DRC […]

French National Faces Forced Labour in CAR if Found Guilty of Espionage

Authorities in the Central African Republic (CAR) have charged a French national with espionage and conspiracy, nearly a month after his arrest. Juan Remy Quignolot was detained on May 10 after police said it had found weapons, military fatigues and foreign banknotes at his residence in the capital, Bangui. Authorities accused him of having aided […]

What Caused the Congo Cable Breaks in 2020 and Subsequent Damage in 2021?

Scientists are reporting what they say is the longest sediment avalanche yet measured in action. It occurred underwater off West Africa, in a deep canyon leading away from the mouth of the Congo River. Something in excess of a cubic kilometre of sand and mud descended into the deep. This colossal flow kept moving for […]

Providing Reliable Power for DRC's Underserved

The Democratic Republic of Congo has signed a $100 million solar-hybrid power deal with a consortium led by Gridworks, to provide electricity to half a million people across three cities that have no grid connection. Solar-hybrid systems combine solar power with another electricity generating energy source. For this 22-year concession, the back-up power source will […]