Monday, 5 Dec 2022


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A pilot program hints at an eventual end to Australia’s hotel quarantine system.

The Australian state of New South Wales will allow some returning international travelers to quarantine at home starting at the end of the month, possibly signaling the beginning of the end for the country’s strict hotel quarantine system. The pilot program will allow 175 fully vaccinated people to isolate in their homes for seven days […]

An Impossible Task? New Zealand Tries to Eliminate Delta.

AUCKLAND, New Zealand — When New Zealand, for the first time in months, reported a case of community spread of the coronavirus on Aug. 17, residents sprang into action. They stripped supermarket shelves of pasta and toilet paper, dug socked-away masks out of drawers and fled to vacation homes in the mountains or at the […]

New South Wales goes into lockdown as Sydney’s outbreak spreads.

With a stubborn Delta outbreak in Sydney, Australia, spreading in areas outside the city and in vulnerable Aboriginal communities, New South Wales officials announced a lockdown for the entire state on Saturday along with tightened restrictions for residents of Sydney. The statewide stay-at-home orders, in effect for at least a week, reflect growing concern about […]

What It Will Take to Free Australia From the Bonds of Covid

The Australia Letter is a weekly newsletter from our Australia bureau. Sign up to get it by email. This week’s issue is written by Amaali Lokuge, an emergency room doctor in Melbourne. Almost half of Australia is in lockdown again as New South Wales loses control of the Delta variant and the virus leaks across […]

Don’t Let the Pandemic Tear Australia Apart

The Australia Letter is a weekly newsletter from our Australia bureau. Sign up to get it by email. As a Melbourne transplant from Sydney, I never used to care much about state-based identities beyond occasionally reveling in the chaos of the potato cake versus potato scallop debate. It’s only since the pandemic that I started […]

In Australia, Births of Tasmanian Devils Are a Milestone After 3,000 Years

MELBOURNE, Australia — Pink, hairless, deaf and blind, the roughly month-old joeys were but the size of a shelled peanut. Yet they were a momentous discovery for the conservationists who had set off across a dense eucalyptus forest in the dawn mist in hopes of finding them. About 3,000 years after Tasmanian devils were wiped […]

A Heavy in the Insect World Makes a Rare Appearance

Children and staff members at the Mount Cotton State School, an elementary school near a rainforest in Queensland, Australia, have spotted wallabies, koalas and snakes over the years. But recently, builders who were adding new classrooms to the school made a discovery that stood out even among the famously diverse fauna of Australia, a continent […]

Netflix Chronicles Byron Bay’s ‘Hot Instagrammers.’ Will Paradise Survive?

BYRON BAY, Australia — The moral quandaries of life as an Instagram influencer in the famously idyllic town of Byron Bay are not lost on Ruby Tuesday Matthews. Ms. Matthews, 27, peddles more than vegan moisturizers, probiotic powders and conflict-free diamonds to her 228,000 followers. She is also selling an enviable lifestyle set against the […]

Is the Fight Against Sexism in Australia’s Politics Different This Time?

The Australia Letter is a weekly newsletter from our Australia bureau. Sign up to get it by email. For most of the past week, I’ve been interviewing current and former members of Parliament about the mistreatment of women in Australian politics. I’ve spoken mainly to those with direct experience inside the system, and I found […]