Friday, 13 Dec 2019


Military specialists recover bodies of six victims of New Zealand volcano eruption

New Zealand military specialists wearing protective gear have recovered the bodies of six victims of a volcanic eruption on Monday. The experts – six men and two women wearing hooded protective suits and using breathing gear – landed on White Island by helicopter on Friday and found six of the eight bodies thought to be […]

'No signs of life' on New Zealand volcano island after disaster 'waiting to happen'

New Zealand said on Tuesday that eight people were missing, presumed dead, a day after a volcano unexpectedly erupted off the coast of New Zealand’s North Island, killing at least five people and injuring more than 30. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern told reporters in Whakatane, a town near the volcanic White Island tourist attraction, that […]

Ex-Australia PM ‘hushed up daughter’s rape claim’

The daughter of former Australian PM Bob Hawke has alleged she was raped in the 1980s but he asked her to stay silent to avoid harming his career. Rosslyn Dillon’s allegations are made in court documents seen by Australian site the New Daily. She says she was raped by Bill Landeryou, an MP in Hawke’s […]

Bushfires near Sydney ‘too big to put out’

A “mega blaze” raging across a 60km (37 mile) front north of the Australian city of Sydney cannot currently be put out, fire officials have warned. The blaze across 300,000 hectares (1,150 sq m) is just an hour’s drive from the nation’s most-populous city. People who cannot defend their property from approaching fires have been […]

Does the world need any more large zoos?

Sydney’s first new major zoo in more than 100 years will open on Saturday. With such debate about animal welfare these days, can zoos still be a force for good? Gary Nunn reports from Sydney. Zoos have evolved significantly since they were first created. Their original purpose was braggadocio: a way for the wealthy to […]

Australia Burns Again, and Now Its Biggest City Is Choking

SYDNEY, Australia — Flying into Sydney usually brings stunning views of rocky cliffs and crystal waters, but when Anna Funder looked out the window before landing this week, she saw only tragedy. Thick gray smoke blanketed the skyline and the coast, stretching for miles from the fire front at the southwestern edge of the city, […]

US author accuses MP of lies in Christmas tree row

What’s the link between a noted US feminist, the Australian parliament and a Christmas tree in a student common room? They’ve all become part of a saga that has left Australian Energy Minister Angus Taylor under pressure and author Naomi Wolf fuming. Both were at Oxford University decades ago, but remember it very differently. And […]

Australia Revokes Medical Evacuations for Offshore Detainees

SYDNEY, Australia — Ten months after it was enacted, the Australian Parliament on Wednesday repealed a law that had allowed refugees and asylum seekers being held offshore to seek emergency medical care in Australia, a move that human rights advocates denounced as cruel and shameful. The vote was the latest example of the Australian government’s […]

How long can you survive in Australia’s outback?

The stories of three people stranded in the Australian outback for two weeks have captured global attention. Two of them survived, while a body was found on Thursday, presumably of the third person. The outback is a vast remote area in the centre of Australia: dry, arid and almost entirely uninhabited. During summer, the outback […]