Sunday, 13 Jun 2021


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In Australia, Births of Tasmanian Devils Are a Milestone After 3,000 Years

MELBOURNE, Australia — Pink, hairless, deaf and blind, the roughly month-old joeys were but the size of a shelled peanut. Yet they were a momentous discovery for the conservationists who had set off across a dense eucalyptus forest in the dawn mist in hopes of finding them. About 3,000 years after Tasmanian devils were wiped […]

A Heavy in the Insect World Makes a Rare Appearance

Children and staff members at the Mount Cotton State School, an elementary school near a rainforest in Queensland, Australia, have spotted wallabies, koalas and snakes over the years. But recently, builders who were adding new classrooms to the school made a discovery that stood out even among the famously diverse fauna of Australia, a continent […]

Netflix Chronicles Byron Bay’s ‘Hot Instagrammers.’ Will Paradise Survive?

BYRON BAY, Australia — The moral quandaries of life as an Instagram influencer in the famously idyllic town of Byron Bay are not lost on Ruby Tuesday Matthews. Ms. Matthews, 27, peddles more than vegan moisturizers, probiotic powders and conflict-free diamonds to her 228,000 followers. She is also selling an enviable lifestyle set against the […]

Is the Fight Against Sexism in Australia’s Politics Different This Time?

The Australia Letter is a weekly newsletter from our Australia bureau. Sign up to get it by email. For most of the past week, I’ve been interviewing current and former members of Parliament about the mistreatment of women in Australian politics. I’ve spoken mainly to those with direct experience inside the system, and I found […]

Why the Rape Claim Against Australia’s Attorney General Seems Familiar

The Australia Letter is a weekly newsletter from our Australia bureau. Sign up to get it by email. He was accused of sexual assault decades after it allegedly occurred, in a way that makes police investigation all but impossible. Backed by his party and the most powerful man in the country, he maintained his innocence […]

In Australia, Hollywood Stars Have Found an Escape From the Virus. Who’s Jealous?

MELBOURNE, Australia — In the photo posted to Instagram, the actors Chris Hemsworth, Idris Elba and Matt Damon, all wearing 1980s-style sweats, embrace. They are maskless. Touching. Happy, even. The caption reads: “A little 80s themed party never did any harm!” Their fans, indignant, peppered the post with comments. What of the pandemic? Social distancing? […]

‘Victim Blaming’ and Sex Education in the Boys’ Club of Australian Politics

The Australia Letter is a weekly newsletter from our Australia bureau. Sign up to get it by email. When Brittany Higgins first alleged earlier this month that she had been raped in a Parliament building, the Australian government’s initial response was silence. The following day, it went into damage control, announcing a review of support […]

She Made a ‘Soul-Destroying’ Rape Claim. Then 3 Others Came Forward.

MELBOURNE, Australia — When a government employee first went to the police two years ago with claims of being raped in Australia’s Parliament building, she dropped the case, fearful of losing her job. Two years later, she decided to speak out publicly, prompting a political fallout that emboldened her on Wednesday to file an official […]

First Came the Lockdown. Then Came the Wildfire.

MELBOURNE, Australia — Just days after residents of Perth, Australia’s fourth-largest city, were ordered to stay in because of the coronavirus, some were forced to flee their homes on Tuesday as a ferocious wildfire bore down on the city’s outskirts. The blaze northeast of Perth, which began on Monday and was fueled by hot, dry […]

Day of Celebration or Mourning? Australia Grapples With Its National Holiday

MELBOURNE, Australia — Those who celebrate Australia Day, the country’s national holiday, associate it with barbecues and pool parties. But for those who protest against it, it is a reminder of the continent’s brutal colonization. On Tuesday, tens of thousands of people marched through Australia’s major cities in opposition to the holiday, which they instead […]