Tuesday, 28 Mar 2023


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Hoping for a Comeback in a Town With Nothing to Come Back To

ROLLING FORK, Miss. — There’s no funeral home that’s capable yet of burying the dead. None of the few restaurants or food stores in town have reopened, so for many people their only meals come from volunteers on the side of the road. If houses are still standing, in many cases their residents are waiting […]

N.J. Attorney General Seizes Control of Paterson Police Department

Three weeks after a deadly police shooting in Paterson, N.J., the state’s attorney general, Matthew J. Platkin, announced on Monday that his office would take over day-to-day operations of the city’s troubled police department. The new state oversight in New Jersey’s third-largest city comes after civil rights activists sent a letter to the U.S. Justice […]

The Dual Education of Hakeem Jeffries

The campus at Binghamton University was in uproar. Whispers of outside agitators swirled among the mostly white student body. Security was heightened. The source of the friction was the planned appearance of a polarizing Black studies professor who had referred to white people as “ice people” and accused “rich Jews” of financing the slave trade. Outraged Jewish students demanded the […]

Clash Over Natives’ Graves Inflames Hochul’s Relationship With Tribes

MONTAUK, N.Y. — New York’s Native American tribes fought bitterly with former Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo over his efforts to tax their tobacco sales and seize a sizable share of their gambling proceeds, and they blamed him for the deterioration of a stretch of interstate that slices through tribal lands. So when Mr. Cuomo resigned in […]

‘Catastrophe’ for Poor New Yorkers as Pandemic Food Aid Ends

For nearly three years, New Yorkers have been able to take advantage of a pandemic-era lifeline that provided people like Jocelyne Grandu, a retired French teacher who lives in Harlem, with an extra $80 each month in food stamp benefits. But with that federal assistance ending this month, more than 30 million people across the […]

The Mystery of Beethoven’s Skull Remains Unsolved

Good morning. It’s Monday. We’ll revisit the day I saw what was billed as a fragment from the composer Ludwig van Beethoven’s skull. There it was, hanging in a contraption that took up a good part of the floor space in a small, windowless room: a fragment of Ludwig van Beethoven’s skull. The medical researcher […]

Here’s How You Can Help the Victims of the Mississippi Tornadoes

Recovery efforts are only just beginning for the communities that were devastated by the tornadoes that swept across Mississippi and Alabama late Friday night. “My home is gone completely,” said Ashley Nichols of Rolling Fork, Miss., one of the hardest hit towns. “My son’s home is gone.” Melinda Newell Miller, a financial accountant originally from […]

‘The Driver Turned His Head Slowly to Look Directly at the Woman’

Going Uptown Dear Diary: I was on a bus going uptown on Madison Avenue from Lower Manhattan. I was in a seat not far back from the driver, which allowed me to observe him as we went along. He was clearly a veteran and was able to identify people waiting at the door at each […]

Deadly Tornado Tears Through Mississippi

At least three people were killed when a large tornado ripped through rural Mississippi on Friday night, the authorities said early Saturday morning. The tornado left a trail of destruction in its wake as it leveled homes and sent emergency services scrambling to rescue those trapped under the rubble. As dawn neared, emergency workers were […]