Tuesday, 21 May 2024


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In Jail, Writing in Short Bursts as Therapy and Performance Art

Before handing pencil and paper to a group of inmates who attended one of his recent writing workshops in jail, Nate Johnson shared three things about his past. He is a recovering alcoholic. He has battled depression and anxiety for much of his life. “And I used to be a prosecutor,” Mr. Johnson disclosed, adding […]

Making Electric-Car Chargers Faster (and Making Them Fit in Manhattan)

Good morning. It’s Wednesday. Today we’ll look at a former professor who’s now running a company that is designing and manufacturing chargers for electric vehicles. The word “fast” seems to suit Moshe Cohen. It’s how he talks, and it’s how he says electric-vehicle chargers should work. When Cohen, a professor turned entrepreneur, decided a year […]

There Might Be an East Coast Hurricane Next Week. But It’s Too Soon to Tell.

Over the Labor Day weekend, social media feeds flooded with stark warnings about a major storm slamming the East Coast of the United States next week. That hypothetical storm just became Tropical Depression 13, according to the National Hurricane Center. Before you freak out, it is far too early to say with any degree of […]

A Conservative Push to Save Ken Paxton

With television ads and text messages, direct mail and billboards, supporters of the embattled Texas attorney general, Ken Paxton, have embarked on an escalating campaign of political pressure, backed by hard-right billionaires, aimed at trying to sway the outcome of Mr. Paxton’s upcoming impeachment trial. The targets of their efforts are narrow: the 19 Republican […]

Consistent Signs of Erosion in Black and Hispanic Support for Biden

It’s a weakness that could manifest itself as low Democratic turnout even if Trump and Republicans don’t gain among those groups. By Nate Cohn President Biden is underperforming among nonwhite voters in New York Times/Siena College national polls over the last year, helping to keep the race close in a hypothetical rematch against Donald J. […]

N.Y.P.D. Will Use Drones to Monitor Labor Day Celebrations

The beating of drums. The bleating of horns. And now: the buzz of police drones. New York City’s Labor Day revelry will have a new noise this year as the Police Department plans to deploy the remote-controlled, camera-equipped aircraft to monitor large gatherings — even backyard parties — connected to West Indian American Day celebrations […]

Texas Judge Rejects State Law Aimed at Controlling Progressive Cities

The News A Texas district court judge ruled on Wednesday that a new state law aimed at preventing cities from making local rules on a broad range of subjects — including requiring rest breaks for construction workers — was unconstitutional, siding with the leaders of Houston, San Antonio and other Texas cities who had challenged […]

Idalia and a ‘Supermoon’ Could Swamp Charleston and Savannah

Hurricane Idalia will amplify what were already expected to be higher-than-usual high tides in Savannah, Ga., and Charleston, S.C., because the full moon is making its closest orbital pass to Earth, a rare phenomenon sometimes known as a ‘supermoon.’ A supermoon — this one is doubly rare because it a blue moon, or the second […]

Former Cardinal McCarrick Found Unfit for Trial Over Sexual Abuse

Theodore McCarrick, the highest-ranking Catholic cleric in the United States to face charges in the church’s ongoing sexual abuse crisis, is not competent to stand trial, a judge in Massachusetts ruled. The disgraced former cardinal, who is 93, was declared unfit by a Dedham District Court judge on Wednesday. Mr. McCarrick faced three counts of […]

The Dire Consequences of Depleting California’s Groundwater

In an average year in California, roughly 40 percent of the state’s water supply comes from groundwater — the water that fills a well, naturally stored beneath our feet in aquifers. In a dry year, the share of the state’s water needs that are met from this hidden resource can exceed 60 percent. In other […]