Monday, 25 Jan 2021


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It’s 30 Degrees. Shall We Have Brunch Outdoors?

It's winter, and the pandemic is going strong. But die-hard New Yorkers still want to meet up with friends for a meal. By Corina Knoll The macaroni and cheese flecked with fresh pepper was hot and comforting and paired nicely with the French beer — a Kronenbourg accompanied by a slice of orange peel. Served […]

Scowling Bernie Sanders happy his mittened meme may raise millions for charity

WASHINGTON (REUTERS) – US Senator Bernie Sanders, the famed curmudgeon photographed at President Joe Biden’s inauguration wearing mittens and a scowl behind his facemask in an image that instantly became a meme, said on Sunday (Jan 24) he was happy it may help raise millions for charity. Lifting spirits around the world since it went […]

In Rural Montana, a Hope That Biden Will Reopen the Rails

DEER LODGE, Mont. — For nearly a century, passenger trains rumbled three times weekly through this broad, grass-rich mountain valley in central Montana, home to more cattle than people, until Amtrak pulled the plug on the North Coast Hiawatha in 1979. But with a new president known as “Amtrak Joe” and Democratic control of both […]

More than 150 National Guard in Washington for inauguration test positive for coronavirus

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Between 150 and 200 National Guard deployed to Washington, D.C., to provide security for President Joe Biden’s inauguration have tested positive for the coronavirus, a U.S. official said on Friday. The U.S. government imposed unprecedented security measures in the city following the deadly Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol by supporters of […]

2 Years After Legalizing Cannabis, Has Canada Kept Its Promises?

OTTAWA — When Robert was 18, he was arrested by Montreal’s police for possession of a small amount of hashish, an event that would upend his young life. The charge brought him 30 days in jail, and the conviction ended his part-time job as a translator. “Back then, you smoke a joint, you would get […]

New Pandemic Plight: Hospitals Are Running Out of Vaccines

As the coronavirus tears across much of Texas, Dr. Esmaeil Porsa is grappling with one of the most formidable challenges he has faced: The Houston hospital system he operates is running out of vaccines. Dr. Porsa, the chief executive of Harris Health System, which treats thousands of mostly uninsured patients, warned on Friday that its […]

Divided States podcast: Does a new US president mean a new era?

Joe Biden became the 46th President of the United States on Wednesday, and his VP pick Kamala Harris made history as the first black woman to hold such high office. Does a new administration mean a new era? US correspondent Cordelia Lynch and Washington bureau chief Emily Purser Brown discuss the many problems facing the […]

Donald Trump's impeachment trial to begin on February 8, Senate confirms

Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial is due to begin on February 8. New Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer confirmed last night there will be a ‘full and fair trial’ after an agreement was reached between Senate Democrats and Republicans. Trump stands accused of inciting the riots at the US Capitol on January 6 which claimed […]

US CDC says Covid-19 vaccine doses may be spaced further as FDA eases stance

WASHINGTON (BLOOMBERG) – Follow-up doses of the Covid-19 vaccines could be given up to six weeks later if it is not feasible to get them in the recommended interval, the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said, with the United States Food and Drug Administration also offering some flexibility for “modest delays”. The guidance […]