Friday, 13 Dec 2019


Saudi envoy to US visits military base hit by shooting attack

WASHINGTON (REUTERS) – The Saudi ambassador to the United States visited a US naval air station in Florida on Thursday (Dec 12) to extend her condolences for a shooting attack by a Saudi Air Force officer that killed three people last week, the Saudi embassy said. The attack brought fresh complications to US-Saudi relations and […]

In a Polarized Era, Will Impeachment Become a New Normal?

WASHINGTON — It was a powerful congressional weapon deployed in only the most extreme cases, so explosive that lawmakers feared the wider damage it could do if used for the wrong reasons. Today, the filibuster is an everyday part of Senate business, standard operating procedure in a polarized world where the once rare has become […]

US Senate confirms John Sullivan as next US ambassador to Russia

WASHINGTON (REUTERS) – The US Senate on Thursday (Dec 12) confirmed the nomination of John Sullivan, President Donald Trump’s pick to be Ambassador to Russia, at a time when ties between Washington and Moscow have been strained. Sullivan, a lawyer who has served in previous Republican administrations before becoming deputy secretary of State in 2017, […]

Canada opposition leader Andrew Scheer announces resignation

OTTAWA (AFP) – Canada’s Conservative leader Andrew Scheer, facing internal party divisions and a barrage of criticism for failing to unseat a weakened Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in October elections, announced Thursday (Dec 12) he was stepping down. “I just informed my colleagues in the Conservative caucus that I will be resigning as leader,” Scheer […]

US House panel set to back Trump impeachment case

A US House of Representatives panel is expected to approve impeachment charges against President Donald Trump later in a marathon session of rancorous debate. The judiciary committee is debating two articles of impeachment alleging abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. A full vote by the Democratic-run House next week will likely make him the […]

Edna Smith Primus, Lawyer in Pivotal Rights Case, Dies at 75

Edna Smith Primus had graduated from the University of South Carolina School of Law — the first black woman to do so, in 1972 — when barely one year later she was assigned a case that could have jeopardized her career. She had been working at the time for the South Carolina Council on Human Rights […]

Pigeons with tiny hats glued to their heads spotted in Las Vegas

Bizarre pictures show pigeons sporting tiny cowboy hats glued to their heads – prompting cruelty fears. The images, taken in Las Vegas, have been widely shared on Twitter and Facebook . One user shared a video of the birds, who have been nicknamed Cluck Norris – in a red hat – and Coo-lamity Jane – […]

Jersey City Shooting: What We Know So Far

[Want to get New York Today by email? Here’s the sign-up.] It’s Thursday. Weather: Sunny but chilly, with a high in the mid-30s. Alternate-side parking: In effect until Dec. 25 (Christmas). Nothing seemed unusual about the rental van that was navigating the streets of Jersey City, until the man and woman inside descended on a […]

G.O.P. Senators Flood the Exits in N.Y., and Party Woes Deepen

ALBANY, N.Y. — Republicans in New York probably had hoped the worst was over. In 2018, the party suffered its most devastating electoral cycle in recent memory, as Democrats rode a fervent anti-Trump sentiment to capture eight seats — and the majority — in the State Senate. They also won every statewide office, including a […]