Sunday, 10 Dec 2023

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Beauty: Last minute gift ideas

Beauty: Last minute gift ideas  Glam tidings I bring… Here are some buys that are guaranteed to keep on giving pleasure, long after the wrapping paper has been torn off. So, share this list with your friends and family. Or, better still, treat yourself.  1 Vieve Treasure Tin in Cherub (£39, Oh Vieve, you had […]

Woman says she was raped and beaten by Meredith Kercher's killer

EXCLUSIVE Meredith Kercher’s killer raped me: Ex-girlfriend who says she was sexually assaulted and beaten by man jailed for British student’s murder is ‘woman of courage’, her lawyer says It was previously revealed Guede had been charged with beating his ex  The former girlfriend of Meredith Kercher’s killer who claims she was raped and assaulted […]

One of EU’s wealthiest nation see happiness plummeting in new survey

Germans’ happiness has plummeted over the past years, according to an EU-wide survey. Eurostat, the European Union’s statistics agency, measures every year how happy with their lives a sample of people in each member state say to be. Ranking their happiness on a scale from zero, which means absolute dissatisfaction, to 10, which stands for […]

Putin’s rival suffers mystery ‘health incident’ as despot announces election run

Concerns for the safety of Vladimir Putin’s main political opponent have spiked after his aides shared he has suffered “a serious health-related incident”. Alexei Navalny is serving a sentence of more than 30 years in a penal colony east of Moscow on what the Russian lawyer and anti-corruption activist calls a series of trumped-up charges. […]

Christmas revellers ignore the rain to enjoy festive night out

Will they go on the naughty list? Christmas revellers ignore the rain to let their hair down in a festive night out on the town Spirited residents were seen hitting the streets, with some lacking seasonally appropriate jackets Revellers in Newcastle ignored the rain to let their hair down for a festive night out on […]

Winemakers outrage as overreaching EU forces ingredients lists onto bottles

EU rules are being brought in that will require wine producers to include additional information on bottles, such as ingredients and nutritional values. While the goal of the move is sold as a boost for consumer transparency not all of this data will be readily available. In many cases, customers will need to use their […]

The beautiful tranquil city that is easily one of the world’s prettiest

Once the capital of Japan, Kyoto remains one of the destinations most beloved by people who travel to the far-eastern nation. Famous for its culture and beauty, this city provides the perfect introduction to hundreds of years of Japanese history, thanks to the fact many of its ancient buildings are among the most well-preserved in […]

Omid Scobie admits he named royals in racism row in version of book after denial

Bookmark Never miss any of the fun stuff. Get the biggest stories and wackiest takes from the Daily Star, including our special WTF Wednesday email Never miss any of the fun stuff. Get the biggest stories and wackiest takes from the Daily Star, including our special WTF Wednesday email We have more newsletters Omid Scobie […]

TikToker who bought cottage aged 26 is employed by millionaire parents

EXCLUSIVE Revealed: TikToker who went viral for saying she’d bought charming country cottage aged just 26 while working part-time in a shop is employed by her millionaire parents Amy Neil gained almost 2 million views on TikTok under the name @prunetown  A young woman who went viral on TikTok for revealing how she’d been able […]

Grunting bloke from America’s most inbred family whips out soft todger at fair

Followers of America's most inbred family got more than they bargained for when one grunting family member whipped out his soft todger on a trip to a fun fair. Filmmaker Mark Laita from YouTube channel Soft White Underbelly, who has likened the family to the 1972 movie Deliverance, caught the shocking scene on camera while […]