Tuesday, 18 Feb 2020

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British tourist’s first stop is McDonald’s after being ‘cured’ of coronavirus

A British honeymooner who caught coronavirus on a cruise ship says he is being released from hospital after successful treatment for the SARS-like illness. Newlywed Alan Steele, 58, has been in a Tokyo hospital for almost two weeks and his wife, Wendy Marshall Steele, is still trapped on the Diamond Princess. Mr Steele, from Wolverhampton, […]

Sexual assault trial against former SMU groundskeeper to begin Tuesday

Matthew Albert Percy, a former groundskeeper at Saint Mary’s University who was convicted of sexually assaulting a student at the Halifax university in September 2017, is back in court on Tuesday for his third sexual assault trial. Percy, 36, faces a charge of sexual assault causing bodily harm in connection with an attack at a […]

Who is Andrew Sabisky and what did he say about eugenics? – The Sun

DOWNING Street adviser Andrew Sabisky quit last night after a string of his controversial comments were uncovered. Here's what we know about the self-proclaimed "super forecaster". Who is Andrew Sabisky? The 27-year-old was brought in earlier this year to work as a contractor on Downing Street projects, and previously called for children to be given […]

African American man kidnaps white woman and makes her watch Roots

African American man kidnaps white woman and forces her to watch nine-hour slavery mini-series Roots to ‘understand her racism’ Robert Noyes, 52, was seized on Monday for allegedly kidnapping a woman  He is said to have held her at a residence on Second Avenue in Cedar Rapids   When she tried to move, he is accused […]

China destroys $600 million in cash to stop coronavirus spread on bank notes

China has reportedly begun destroying hundreds of millions of dollars worth of cash in a desperate bid to halt the march of the coronavirus. Beijing’s central bank has reportedly implemented new strategy to destroy cash from areas completely infected by the coronavirus. It is also taking measures to deep clean and disinfect cash from other […]

Shamed ‘racist’ adviser defended rape fantasies, incest and claimed wives should ‘obey’ mens’ sex demands – The Sun

THE “RACIST” adviser forced to quit Downing Street defended fantasies about rape and incest and claimed wives should “obey” mens' sex demands. Andrew Sabisky resigned last night after a flurry of sick comments he’d made in the past were revealed including remarks that black people are less intelligent. Downing Street had refused to criticise him […]

Tremble the bloodhound uses HUGE ears to cover his eyes as he sleeps

Do not disturb! Tremble the bloodhound uses his HUGE ears to cover his eyes as he sleeps Dog was filmed by its owner as he slept on the floor at their home in the US Video shows owner approaching the dog before they lift his left ear up Tremble’s eyes seen twitching as he sleeps and […]

British tourists David and Sally Abel test positive for coronavirus

British tourist David Abel and his wife test positive for coronavirus on board cruise ship where he has been providing the world with updates throughout their quarantine David and Sally Abel are among 169 new patients on the ship in the last 48 hours They will now be taken to a mainland hospital and face […]

Mammoth sex-abuse lawsuits force US Boy Scouts to file for bankruptcy

Washington: Barraged by hundreds of sex-abuse lawsuits, the Boy Scouts of America filed for bankruptcy protection Tuesday in hopes of working out a potentially mammoth victim compensation plan that will allow the hallowed, 110-year-old organisation to carry on. The Chapter 11 filing in federal bankruptcy court in Wilmington, Delaware, sets in motion what could be […]