Monday, 21 Sep 2020


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Boris Johnson planning 'enforcement blitzkrieg' to patrol pubs for rule-breakers

The Prime Minister is planning an ‘enforcement blitzkrieg’ on pubs and restaurants caught flouting the ‘rule of six’, reports says. Businesses could even be shut down by patrols if they let punters break the lockdown restrictions, The Sun reports. A senior Whitehall source told the paper that ‘every option comes with a very big stick’, […]

US Space Force begins its first mission… in the Middle East

The US Space Force has deployed soldiers to a vast new frontier… the Middle East. A squadron of 20 “core space operators” has been stationed at the al Udeid Air Base in Qatar, in the unit’s first foreign deployment. Their mission is to confront new threats in the region from Iran‘s missile programme – as […]

Freshers' Week nights out forced to end early due to lockdown curfews

Freshers’ Week in Newcastle has started more quietly than it usually does amid bars and pubs closing at 10pm under stricter lockdown restrictions. Although student drinkers were not seen in their usual droves during one of the city’s busiest party periods, groups of young people still came together to have a good time. Many were […]

Scientists warn of '50,000 cases a day' if infections keep rising

The Government’s top scientific advisers have warned that unless swift action is taken to rein in the rising number of coronavirus infections they could skyrocket to 50,000 per day within a month. In a presentation of the latest Covid-19 data, chief scientific adviser Sir Patrick Vallance cited Spain and France as examples of where the […]

Britain plans law to safeguard City of London's global standing

LONDON (REUTERS) – Britain plans to buttress the City of London’s global competitiveness and openness once it moves outside the European Union with new financial services sector legislation. Although Britain left the EU in January, its unfettered access to the bloc for banks and other financial firms does not end until December, when transition arrangements […]

Rishi Sunak signals possible end of triple lock pension guarantee: OAPs to suffer

We will use your email address only for sending you newsletters. Please see our Privacy Notice for details of your data protection rights. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has resisted moves to abandon it because it was a clear commitment in last year’s Election manifesto. But with the economy on its knees because of the Coronavirus […]

Tourism Slump in Dublin Lays Bare Airbnb’s Damage to Rental Markets

After the pandemic hit, the number of longer-term listings jumped in the Irish capital. That brought some relief to a crunched market for renters, though it may not last. By Anna Joyce The modern one-bedroom Dublin apartment featured an open-plan living space, a sun-soaked balcony, solar panels, ample storage space and parking for two cars. […]