Sunday, 9 Aug 2020

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Furious Lebanese plan new protests over Beirut blast

Lebanese protesters say they will rally again after a night of demonstrations in which they stormed several ministries. Lebanese protesters enraged by official negligence blamed for the enormous explosion in the capital Beirut have vowed to rally again after a night of demonstrations that saw protesters storm several ministries. “Prepare the gallows because our anger […]

Beirut blast: Lebanon faces looming humanitarian catastrophe

BEIRUT (NYTIMES) – As rescue workers continued to comb the debris for survivors of the deadly explosion in the Port of Beirut, and as the United Nations warned that Lebanon faced a humanitarian catastrophe, the nation’s leaders debated the possible cause of the blast but provided little new information. Lebanon’s president, Michel Aoun, on Friday […]

Ex-Saudi intelligence official alleges Crown Prince sent hit squad to kill him

COLUMBIA (REUTERS) – A former top-ranking Saudi intelligence official living in exile in Canada alleged in a lawsuit filed in a US court on Thursday (Aug 6) that Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman sent a team to kill him in 2018 but the effort was foiled by Canadian authorities. Saad al-Jabri was a long-time aide […]

Beirut blast destroys tonnes of Lebanon's food stocks

BEIRUT (BLOOMBERG) – The huge explosion in Lebanon’s capital of Beirut tore through major grain silos, stoking fears of shortages in a nation that imports nearly all its food and is already reeling from economic crisis. Tuesday’s blast, which killed dozens of people and injured thousands, happened next to a grain store in the city’s […]

As smoke clears in Beirut, shock turns to anger

BEIRUT – Since an orphaned shipment of highly explosive chemicals arrived at the port of Beirut in 2013, Lebanese officials treated it the way they have dealt with the country’s lack of electricity, poisonous tap water and overflowing garbage: by bickering and hoping the problem might solve itself. But the 2,750 tons of high-density ammonium […]

Rescuers search for survivors after Beirut blasts

BEIRUT • Rescuers searched for survivors yesterday after cataclysmic explosions at Beirut’s port sowed devastation across entire city neighbourhoods, killing more than 100 people, wounding thousands and plunging Lebanon deeper into crisis. Beirut governor Marwan Abboud spoke of “an apocalyptic situation” which he said may have made 300,000 people temporarily homeless and would cost the […]

Beirut blast: Tracing the explosives that tore the capital apart

Letters show officials knew of danger posed by ammonium nitrate cargo at Beirut port six years before deadly blast. Beirut, Lebanon – It was only after a massive explosion ripped through Beirut that most people in Lebanon learned about the 2,750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate stored in a hangar at the city’s port. The detonation […]

Lebanon blast: Ammonium nitrate behind many industrial accidents

When combined with fuel and oil, ammonium nitrate creates a potent explosive widely used in the construction industry. Ammonium nitrate, which Lebanese authorities have said caused the devastating Beirut blast, is an odourless crystalline substance commonly used as a fertiliser that has been the cause of numerous industrial explosions over the decades. Notable among these […]

Dozens killed, thousands wounded in Beirut blast: Live updates

Officials expect death toll to rise after huge blast rips through Lebanon’s capital. Lebanese Health Minister Hassan Hamad says at least 25 people have been killed and more than 2,500 are wounded in a massive explosion at the port in Lebanon’s capital, Beirut. The explosion released a shockwave causing widespread damage to buildings and shattering […]