Friday, 13 Dec 2019

Analysis & Comment

Opinion | The Politics of Exhaustion

There are two power blocs driving politics today. First, there’s the proletariat. These are the working-class voters who go to Trump rallies in the U.S. and powered Brexit and Boris Johnson’s campaign in the U.K. They see their best world receding and they want a tough guy to bring it back. Second, there is the […]

Cboe exchange files to list new short volatility ETF

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Cboe BZX Exchange has sought permission from the Securities and Exchange Commission to list shares of an exchange traded fund that would let investors bet against stock market gyrations, according to a regulatory filing. The filing, dated Dec. 10, comes nearly two years after another short volatility exchange traded product, the […]

Opinion | Trump’s Executive Order Has Firm Legal Grounding

President Trump signed an executive order on Wednesday instructing federal agencies to use Title VI — the law that bars federally funded programs from discriminating on the basis of “race, color, or national origin” — to combat anti-Semitism. That move sparked uproar from critics who stressed that Jews are not a race or nationality. But […]

Letters to the Editor: 'Suu Kyi denials of Myanmar genocide don’t stack up'

The notion advanced by Aung San Suu Kyi that there was no genocide perpetrated towards the Rohingya Muslim community in Myanmar is baffling. This displays utter contempt for the thousands who continue to sacrifice their wellbeing, lives and livelihoods on the altar of peace and freedom worldwide. It was more poignant because it coincided with […]

Roslyn Dee: 'Bells ring out to stir joyful memories of Christmas'

Every year there’s a moment. Maybe it’s the first glimpse of the swirling snow as it falls softly across the land in that haunting Guinness ad. Or the first time you hear the radio ad for Barry’s tea, the one with the train set and that distinctive voice-like-chocolate narrative, courtesy of the late actor Peter […]

Opinion | Ukraine’s President Stands Alone Against Russia

Throughout the impeachment hearings, American military aid for Ukraine was portrayed as a way for a friendly giant to help a David fend off a staggering Goliath who, if not stopped, would continue his rampage. That’s the big picture. The complex details of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, and of the ways the Trump administration has failed […]

Opinion | Trump’s Executive Order and the Rise of Anti-Semitism

Last year, anti-Semitic attacks killed more Jews around the globe than in any year in decades. Worshipers were gunned down during Saturday services at Pittsburgh’s Tree of Life Synagogue. Attackers took the lives of a Jewish college student in California and a Holocaust survivor in France. German Jews were cautioned not to wear skullcaps or […]

Opinion | Britain’s Miserable Election

LONDON — This is the dejection election. Not in my lifetime has Britain faced such a miserable choice. Two vain, incompetent, mediocre charlatans are competing to become prime minister. For the Conservatives, we have the blustering, lying, oafish puffball Boris Johnson. In the Labour corner is the querulous, wooden, sanctimonious Jeremy Corbyn. The two candidates […]