Sunday, 13 Jun 2021

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Opinion | One Way Forward on Iran: A Nuclear-Weapons-Free Persian Gulf

An agreement to revive the nuclear deal with Iran appears possible as the United States and its partners are set to convene next week in Vienna for the sixth round of talks with Iranian diplomats since April. That’s welcome news, as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, the deal’s full name, imposed important restrictions on […]

Opinion | Tom Hanks and the History We Need to Learn

To the Editor: Re “We Should All Learn About Tulsa,” by Tom Hanks (Sunday Review, June 6): Having taught American history, first in high school and then in college, for over three decades, I agree with Tom Hanks that schools should teach about the 1921 Tulsa massacre and related episodes of white violence. But Mr. […]

Let's talk about higher wages in S'pore's cleaning sector

The Progressive Wage Model (PWM) of my industry, cleaning, is in the news again. This time the adjustments and increments of the wage floor for 2023 to 2028 are a lot steeper than previous years, with basic cleaner wages to reach at least $2,420 in 2028. With basic wages now at $1,312, the increase represents […]

Your Friday Briefing

Biden’s approaches to Europe President Biden will convene with European leaders today in Cornwall, England, where he is expected to make a show of partnership and solidarity. But it is not clear how much more open the U.S. will be to a give-and-take with Europe than it was under Donald Trump. Biden met yesterday with […]

Opinion | I Shouldn’t Have to Choose Between My Judaism and My Queerness

By Molly Meisels Mx. Meisels is a graduate of Yeshiva University and an incoming art history M.A./Ph.D. student at University of California, Los Angeles. No one within earshot batted an eye at the slur. I was at a festive Shabbat dinner with other undergraduates at Yeshiva University, a few months into my freshman year at […]

Opinion | Voter Suppression Must Be the Central Issue

By Charles M. Blow Opinion Columnist The right to vote is everything in a democracy. Without influence over power, you are completely vulnerable to that power. There is no way to access prosperity or ensure personal protection when you live in a society in which people who share your interests are inhibited in their political […]

Opinion | We Ran the Treasury Department. This Is How to Fix Tax Evasion.

Six hundred billion dollars per year, and growing: That is two-thirds of total nondefense discretionary spending by the federal government, about what is spent on defense operations, military personnel and procurement, and more than mandatory federal expenditures on Medicaid. It’s also approximately how much unpaid taxes cost the U.S. government. This must change, and it […]

MONETA shareholders urged to vote against Air Bank deal

PRAGUE (Reuters) -Two investor advisory firms have recommended MONETA Money Bank shareholders vote against a plan to buy investment group PPF’s Czech and Slovak lending assets, saying the price may be too high. It was not clear what impact the recommendations from Glass Lewis and Institutional Shareholder Services could have on the June 22 shareholder […]

A Voluntary Tax

It’s been a back-and-forth struggle over the course of American history: How much tax should the wealthy pay? In colonial times, parts of the North taxed the rich more than Europe did, with Massachusetts going so far as to enact a wealth tax that covered financial holdings, land, jewelry and more. Southern colonies, by contrast, […]

Opinion | The Day Facebook Ruined the Internet

Your uncle caught a flounder this afternoon. President Biden said something about the Middle East. It’s your boss’s birthday. Your unrequited crush from sophomore year is with some dude on a beach in the Florida Panhandle and drinking a beer. Feeds, updated in real time and tailored to individual users, have become a standard feature […]