Sunday, 21 Apr 2024

Met Police officer named as one of Britain’s most prolific rapists

Met Police apologises over forces’ David Carrick failure

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Commissioner Sir Mark Rowley apologised on Monday for “letting women and girls down” after the full extent of the 48-year-old’s crimes were made public. Carrick was known as ‘B** Dave’ by his colleagues and his mother Jean said a serious complaint was first lodged against her son when he was a teenager.

In a statement: “This man abused women in the most disgusting manner. It is sickening.

“We’ve let women and girls down and indeed we’ve let Londoners down. The women who suffered and survived this violence have been unimaginably brave.

“I do understand that this will lead to some women across London questioning whether they can trust the Met to keep them safe. We have failed. And I’m sorry. He should not have been a police officer.”

The Met has now revealed that 1,633 cases are being reviewed which involve over 1,000 of its police officers and staff who have complaints of domestic abuse or sexual offending in the last 10 years.

Mandu Reid, the Leader of the Women’s Equality Party has called for a hiring freeze on police until they “stop being a risk to women”.

Ms Reid said: “The Met gave one of the worst sex offenders in modern history a free pass to rape, abuse and terrorise women – and they should be held to account.

“They had multiple opportunities to stop Carrick hurting women, but they did nothing.

“That is why I’m calling on the Home Secretary to immediately freeze recruitment to police forces, until they can show they no longer pose a threat to women.

“We cannot allow one more officer to be recruited without proper vetting and misconduct procedures, and a total overhaul of a culture that has allowed misogyny to thrive unchecked.”

Carrick served two years in the Army before joining the Met in August 2001 and pleaded guilty to 49 offences spanning 18 years.

The majority of his offences took place in Hertfordshire, where he lived which saw him control women’s clothes, food, where they slept and if they spoke to their children.

The ex-police officer used dating apps to meet his victims who would trust him due to his line of work which he said made him “untouchable”.

Carrick was first charged with rape in October 2021, but the charge was later dropped.

He was first arrested for rape in July 2021 and was placed on restricted duties rather than being suspended.

The ex-officer sometimes dragged his victims into the shower by their hair before sexually assaulting them, kept them locked in a small cupboard and carried out depraved non-consensual sexual acts, and violence that left them physically injured.

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Jaswant Narwal, chief crown prosecutor for the Crown Prosecution Service, said that the “scale of the degradation Carrick subjected his victims to is unlike anything I have encountered in my 34 years with the Crown Prosecution Service.”

She said: “Carrick held a role where he was trusted with the responsibility of protecting the public, but yet over 17 years, in his private life, he did the exact opposite.

“This is a man who relentlessly degraded, belittled and sexually assaulted and raped women.”

Carrick will be sentenced in early February and will face a long prison sentence.

The Met Commissioner vowed: “We will reform at speed. I promise that to Londoners”.

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