Friday, 3 Feb 2023

Widow continues to insist ‘dead’ husband spotted in restaurant’s video

Labour Chancellor squirms over ‘currygate’ double standards

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Ms Watson shocked the internet when she claimed she had seen her late-husband in a promotional video for Spice Cottage.

Talking to the Mail, she said: “I don’t really use Facebook apart from snooping on friends or catching up with people. I was scrolling through and the video popped up.

“The moment I saw the thing I thought “Oh my God – that’s Harry”. It was so instant. I didn’t even have to think. There was no doubt in my mind it was my husband.”

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As to why she asked Ms Watson said: “I was only asking out of interest – then it all went crazy. I think they’ve picked and chosen out of various videos. I’m sure it’s a montage. It’s the only explanation I can think of.

On the response to the video, Ms Watson said she was confused by the response and couldn’t understand why it had been taken up in the way it had.

Upon asking the restaurant when the footage was filmed and why she was asking, they replied telling her the footage was filmed last week rather than nine years ago.

Since posting that comment, Ms Watson has been bombarded by conspiracy theories about her husband. Now she has revealed the identity of the man she most loved; Harry Doherty, renowned journalist and author.

On her late husband, she said he was seriously ill in hospital for the last few months before he died.

Before he passed away, Mr Doherty had forged a successful career as a journalist.

Born in Northern Ireland, he won awards for his coverage of The Troubles before retraining as a music journalist.

During this time he became friends with Queen band member Brian May before later going onto write a book about the group.

When Doherty passed away, Mr May reportedly sent flowers in tribute to his late friend.

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Despite the confusion, Spice Cottage has been gentile and kind in response to Ms Watson’s queries.

The manager, Rofiqul Islam, said “It’s quite an unusual situation”.

While the mystery continues, many have expressed sympathy and kindness towards Ms Watson on Facebook.

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