Thursday, 2 Feb 2023

Fuming bloke besieged by swarm of rats in fancy new £1.7m seaside mansion

A furious new homeowner has raged at the rat problem in the area where he has just splashed out $3million (£1.7million) on a plush seaside mansion.

Philip Jajou posted a video to TikTok showing several rodents running across a public park in Coogee, New South Wales, Australia, at different times of day.

“Why didn’t anyone warn me”, he wrote in the caption.

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Commenters said that the suburb, located a few miles south east of Sydney, Australia, has had a known rat problem for “decades”.

“They’re residents at this point”, one social media user joked.

Another said: “I grew up in Coogee and this was prevalent back then too."

Others said Philip should have been aware of the rat problem before be signed for the house, with one user saying: “Should have done your research."

Coogee is considered one of the richest neighbourhoods in Australia, with property estimator reporting that the median house price for the area in 2022 was $3.7m (£2.1m).

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Randwick City Council, the local authority that Coogee sits in, admits on its website that it receives a number of complaints and enquiries about pests in the area.

“Rats and mice are generally active at night and are more commonly seen in late summer and early autumn”, the council says.

Philip’s rat problem in his neighbourhood appears to be part of a growing rodent problem in Australia.

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Steve Henry, a researcher for the Australian government’s scientific research agency, told The Guardian last year that farmers reported increased mice numbers across the country, which were causing millions of dollars worth of crop damage.

A survey from 2021 found that a third of farmers across New South Wales, Australia, had suffered losses of between $50,000 (£28,800) and $150,000 (£86,400) due to rodent infestations.

The Daily Star has contacted Randwick City Council for comment.


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