Tuesday, 6 Dec 2022

Just Stop Oil activist in tears as she apologises for M25 standstill

Just Stop Oil activist breaks down in tears as she protests on M25

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The disruption caused by Just Stop Oil protesters continued on Monday after the M25 became the victim of huge disruption and partial closures. Police were forced to stop traffic along sections of the major travel route activists with the Just Stop Oil campaign scaled overhead gantries. In a distressing video address from atop the M25, one 24-year-old activist broke down as she declared the public was entitled to “hate” activists for the turmoil triggered by recent protests.

Speaking from the top of an M25 gantry, the activist declared: “My name is Louise, I am 24 years old and I am here because I don’t have a future.”

Before she could continue, her voice broke as she grew emotional and struggled to stifle a sob.

The activist continued: “You might hate me for doing this and you are entitled to hate me, but I wish you would direct all that anger and hatred at our government. 

“They are betraying young people like me. I wouldn’t have to be there if they did their lawful duty to their own citizens.”

The Just Stop Oil campaign has lobbied for an end to all new oil and gas licences in the UK.

The group has already caused widespread disruption across the city of London for weeks on end by staging human roadblocks of protesters glued to the road.

Other members of the group have targeted government buildings including the Home Office and the Met Police headquarters. Protesters have defaced the buildings by spraying them with orange paint using modified fire extinguishers.

Louise, the activist who contributed to a partial closure of the M25, branded the Tory government “murderous” for failing to meet the group’s demands.

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Surrey Police confirmed they had received reports of protesters having scaled gantries at various points along the M25. The route between junctions six and seven was closed amid safety concerns as police struggled to get the activist down.

Surrey Police confirmed the specially trained “protester removal team” had been called in for the operation and advised motorists to avoid the route during the busy Monday morning rush hour.

Just Stop Oil claimed to have contacted both the Metropolitan Police and the National Highways organisation on Sunday evening to warn there would be “major disruption”. The group reported they had requested for a 30mph speed limit to be implemented along the M25 ahead of the protests.

Surrey Police have confirmed at least one protester has been brought off a gantry and arrested for public nuisance while operations to remove the remaining activists are ongoing.

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The news comes as the Met Police have launched a crackdown on the “reckless” protest activities Just Stop Oil has become renowned for.

On Sunday, a High Court injunction was passed to prevent Just Stop Oil protesters from disrupting the M25. Those in breach of the injunction could face imprisonment alongside a hefty fine and police seizure of assets.

Transport Secretary Mark Harper said: “Protesting by blocking busy motorways or climbing overhead structures is extremely dangerous and disruptive, which is why I instructed National Highway to apply for this further injunction, which the courts have granted.”

Executive director for operation at National Highway Duncan Smith said the injunction would make it easier to “take action” against a minority of “reckless individuals” whose actions endanger themselves and others.

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