Thursday, 2 Feb 2023

Harry’s ‘hatchet job memoir’ falls flat as book queues fail to appear

Prince Harry labelled ‘petulant and privileged’ by Paul Burrell

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With the release date finally here, Nile Gardiner a former aide to Margaret Thatcher, has tweeted that the book is “not exactly a roaring success for Harry’s hatchet job memoir”, as it was reported that one lone reader was spotted queuing outside a bookshop to buy a copy in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

Staff at bookshops across London were surprised when an expected rush of buyers of the Duke’s memoir failed to appear on the release date.

The sparse queues proved an anticlimax as it was previously suggested that the memoir was the highly-anticipated memoir of the year.

In order to accommodate eager readers, bookshops across the capital opened their doors early.

On Tuesday morning, one woman told BBC Radio 4 that she “thought there would be a queue around the block”.

As staff put hardcopies of Spare on shelves, Caroline Lennon, 59, arrived at London’s flagship Waterstones store in Piccadilly and was the only person queuing.

Caroline left home at 6am and walked from her home in Bethnal Green.

Ms Lennon said: “I don’t care what anybody says”, adding, “People will criticise me and say ‘What an idiot for liking Harry. What an idiot for queuing up’, but I don’t care what anyone says.”

Speaking of Harry and William’s feud, she said: “My personal feeling with Harry and William is they should connect.

“There’s no love between them, there’s no love with that family. He and William need to get their heads together and make up, for God’s sake. Life is too short.”

BBC reporter interviews early arrival for Prince Harry memoir

Spare has finally been released, a year and half after it was first announced by Penguin Random House.

The memoir explores the Duke of Sussex’s life, starting from the death of his mother, the late Princess Diana in 1997 to the present day as a father and husband.

The 38-year-old has used the book to reveal personal details about his time as a senior royal, including claiming that Prince William physically attacked him in 2019.


The Duke made the decision to step down as a senior working royal in 2020 and moved to the US with his wife Meghan Markle and their young son.

The book is available in 16 languages and the audiobook version, which is read by Harry himself, was also released on the same day.

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