Thursday, 2 Feb 2023

Harry’s 4-book deal is ‘shrouded in secrecy’ as Spare hits record

Prince Harry: Spare becomes fastest selling non-fiction book

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The Duke of Sussex may have signed a four-book deal after his memoir book became the UK’s fastest-selling ever in its first week of publication.

As reported by the Mirror, Spare has sold 750,000 copies across all formats – hardback, audio and eBook – since its release last Tuesday.

According to Nielsen BookScan, nearly 470,000 of those sold copies were in print alone, which is said to be worth around £6.6million.

Guinness World Records, Waterstones and Nielsen all further confirmed that Harry’s book is the fastest-selling non-fiction book since 1998, which is the year that records began.

Tom Tivnan, who is the Managing Editor of The Bookseller, told The Mirror: “It’s a phenomenal number, and probably a lot more than the publisher would have dreamed of really.

“Non-fiction doesn’t really sell in these numbers normally.

“250,000 copies would be an amazing goal in the first week, but 470,000 is historic. It’s the fastest-selling non-fiction, adult hardback book of all time.”

He added: “I think the publishers are probably deliriously happy. It’s an amazing number for the first week but they paid a big advance.

“We’ll see if sales keep coming – I expect they will.”

Jennie Bond discusses Prince Harry’s book Spare

Mr Tivnan also revealed to the Mirror that the phenomenal sales record could encourage the Duke to write more books.

He told the newspaper: “I believe Harry does have a four-book deal, but it is shrouded in secrecy.

“That’s what’s rumoured.”


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He added that due to the book being “so personal”, he doesn’t know if Harry will “do something like this again”, adding that, if more books were released, they would be “very worthy and princely”.

Spare was first announced in July 2021, but wasn’t released until 18 months later.

The title, Spare, refers to the common phrase, “The heir and the spare” or “the spare to the heir”, which is used to describe the monarch and their sibling.

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