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Chilling clues that revealed Stacey Castor as a murderer after deaths of 2 husbands & trying to frame and kill daughter | The Sun

CHILLING clues have led to the arrest of a "Black Widow" mother who nearly got away with killing her two husbands.

Stacey Castor painted herself as a victim of tragedy while police determined the cold-blooded killer attempted to kill her daughter and frame the girl for her horror crimes.

The New York resident appeared to be deeply in love with her first husband Michael Wallace when the two married in 1990.

Stacey Castor and Wallace had two girls together named Ashley and Bree.

However, the couple had their fair share of struggles as Wallace allegedly struggled with drugs and alcohol "for a long time in his life," Castor told ABC News in 2009.

Despite this, friends were surprised when Wallace was shockingly found unresponsive on a sofa in his family home and later pronounced dead at the hospital.

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"It would seem like a perfectly obvious thing to autopsy a grown man who's healthy, who lays down on his couch and dies," said Michael Benson who authored a book on Castor's case.

"But doctors told Stacey they thought it was a heart attack," Benson said.

Wallace was 38-years-old when he died.

The so-called Black Widow married her second husband David Castor in August 2003 and took his surname.

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Both had children from previous marriages. David had a grown son while Stacey had her daughters.

Two years later, the wife made a 911 call saying David hadn't shown up for work and locked her out of their bedroom a day before.

Sergeant Michael Norton with the Onondaga County Sheriff's Office recounted Stacey describing her husband's behavior saying: "David got upset, took a bottle of Southern Comfort, went into the bedroom and locked himself in, and reportedly got drunk – wouldn't come out."

Police responded to Stacey's call and found David Castor dead in his bedroom of an apparent suicide.

At the scene, police found a glass on his bedside table containing antifreeze and a canister of the stuff under the bed.

Officials then discovered a turkey baster in the kitchen trash can that smelled of alcohol and began to suspect foul play.

David had left everything to Stacey and her daughters in his will, mysteriously leaving out his own son.

"Police suspected that both of Stacey Castor's husbands were poisoned with antifreeze – a painful death that leads to the formation of crystals in the victim's organs," ABC News reported.

Investigators recounted that the medical examiner found they were "loaded with crystals," leading them to find more information on Stacey's suspected involvement.

As officials searched for more information that could indict Castor for the deaths, the mother's evil schemes were far from over.

Mother Stacey proposed that she and Ashley have drinks to celebrate her 21st birthday early, former detective Valerie Brogan said.

Ashley told police she drank a cocktail that her mother made and remembered it not tasting very good.

The daughter said the mother gave her a straw to make the drink go down easier.

After having the cocktail, Ashley felt tired and went to lay down.

The next day, her sister Bree discovered Ashley was barely breathing and yelled to their mother.

Stacey called 911 and told the dispatcher that Ashley had consumed alcohol the night before and quite a few doses of medication.

Officials said Ashley was "15 minutes from death" when she was saved by first responders who found she had a cocktail of drugs in her system.

Police found even more concerning details surrounding Ashley's near-death experience.

"I told her that there was a suicide note indicating that she had killed her father and her stepfather," Sergeant Norton said.

"She looked at me really wide-eyed and flat out says, 'I did not try to kill myself, not did I leave a suicide note." She also denied killing her father and stepfather.

Officials took Stacey Castor to court where they determined she lied about her husband's deaths and her daughter's suicide attempt.

In 2009, Castor was sentenced to 51 years to life in prison where she died from natural causes at 48 years old.

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She maintained her innocence until her death.

A special highlighting the wild case against Stacey will be featured on a special episode of ABC's 20/20 Thursday.

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