Friday, 12 Aug 2022

Two US tourists bitten by crocodile at luxury Mexican resort

Two American tourists were savagely attacked by a saltwater crocodile while swimming at an upscale Mexican resort.

Daniel Kuzbiel and Joshua Rotkvich, both of Colorado, were injured by the reptile at the popular Mexican resort town of Puerto Vallarta on the country’s west coast.

Kuzbiel, an American insurance broker, was bitten while swimming in the ocean at night. He bitten multiple times by the creature and suffered injuries to both legs, his right arm, his chest and abdomen, according to Mexican authorities.

He also suffered a head wound and lost two teeth, the Daily Mail reported.

As Kuzbiel was attacked, Rotkvich swam into the water to help. He suffered injuries to his right arm and groin.

‘Daniel was in the water and Josh was on the beach. The crocodile attacked Daniel, pulling his foot, crushing his foot, trying to pull him under,’ Kuzbiel’s mother-in-law Lois Doll told the Daily Mail. ‘Josh came running and starting punching him and kicking him.’

The pair were treated by first responders from Jalisco State Civil Protection and Fire Department Unit, who posted photos of the aftermath on Twitter.

Kuzbiel and Rotkvich were taken to the hospital and are currently awaiting surgery.

The tourists were staying at the Velas Vallarta hotel, where rooms cost between $973 and $4,123 a night.

Management at the hotel are reportedly allowing Kuzbiel, Rotkvich and their families a free stay until they recover from their injuries, Doll said.

‘I have to say the management here has been wonderful. They’ve come to the hospital. They’ve been very supportive,’ she said.

The attack occurred about a year after 18-year-old Kiana Hummel was attacked by a crocodile in the same area. Hummel’s life was saved after four bystanders fought off the reptile, including a hotel employee armed with a piece of wood, according to Mexico News Daily.

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