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Woman growing food for crisis hit families has plot vandalised

Harlow: Allotment gardener heartbroken after vandals salt her land

A disabled woman has shared distressing footage of an allotment plot she was using to grow food for families in need that has been ruined by vandals who “salted the land”.

Carly Burd shared the heartbreaking scene on TikTok that showed the patch of ground she said had been targeted by someone who “jumped over in the night and put salt all over the land”.

Ms Burd had been using the plot to grow fruit and vegetables as part of an initiative called “A Meal on Me With Love” aimed at helping people on benefits and low incomes.

A GoFundMe fundraising page run by Ms Burd says she suffers from Multiple Sclerosis and Lupus and that she is offering free organic fruit and veg boxes to those that need them.

Sky News reports Ms Burd says her project has enabled her to feed “1613” people during the cost of living crisis.

But in a video posted on social media Ms Burd shows the plot now covered with what looks like white salt on the ground.

A tearful Ms Burd said she was “heatbroken” by the apparent attack on the project.

She said: “Someone’s jumped over in the night and put salt all over the land, that means everything I’ve planted won’t grow and I can’t replant on it because it won’t grow.

“So all the hours and hours of work that we’ve put in is now dead and they’ve done it everywhere.

“How could you do that? do you know what? You won’t stop me because I’ll just pick it all up and I’ll carry on… you won’t stop me whatsoever.”

Salting land where crops are grown causes reduced yield and damages root systems because of excess salinity in the soil leeching out water and nutrients.

Ms Burd’s video of the damage caused to her charity plot has had more than three million views on TikTok. She updated her followers later thanking them for their donations and said she had been back to the plot but all she could taste was “salt in the air”.

It is not clear if the incident has been reported to the police.

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