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Wife in explicit online rant after husband ‘scares off’ her ‘harmless’ crush

A “miserable” wife has taken to social media to complain about her husband after he “scared off” her crush – a contractor who was working in their home. 

Posting on Mumsnet, the woman said that she finds her husband “pathetic” and “unattractive” because he has no interests or social life. 

When a builder started working on their home she said she noticed that he liked her and made it known, which led her to become excited about looking better when the builder was in. 

She told her husband about the friendship she was growing with the builder but left out the flirtation, and one day, she said that her husband noticed her smiling a bit too much at the builder when he texted her and her husband “exploded” on them both. 

From that point, the builder stopped showing interest and the woman is furious that her husband chased away her chance at “kissing” and having a “fumble” with a builder that made her feel “desired”.

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On Mumsnet, she said: “My husband doesn’t do anything or see anyone from one day to the next, no interests. We have nothing to talk about and I find him pathetic and unattractive in his idleness and insecurities. I feel like I’ve tried everything, advice, honesty, suggestions, opportunities, even tender affection. 

“We get this builder in for several months and long story short, he fancies me and eventually lets me know it. I don’t find him physically attractive at all but he’s alpha and fit and chasing me. He gives compliments and suggestive comments.”

The woman, who said she is nearly 40, then suggested being surprised that someone would be that attracted to her.

She wrote: “I’m suddenly excited about getting dressed into something nice, a bit of make-up, new bras. It all feels safe. We have nothing in common, rarely alone together and nothing sexually explicit, we’re never going to fall in love.  

“I didn’t hide my developing friendship from my husband but excluded the flirtation bit.  I started getting messages from him…pretty boring but they made me smile.”

And it was exactly that smiling that alerted her husband that he had competition, and he made his feeling clear. 

“Next thing he’s messaged the builder and exploded at him, immediately the builder has drop-kicked me and I’m heartbroken. Not even checked I’m ok. 

“He’s turned ultra-professional. Cold. I get it, no drama, but I’m so f*****g miserable without him showing an interest. It’s not even the builder really, the worst thing is that I don’t think I’ll ever feel like that again. Desired. No one will ever notice me.”

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She then implies that she missed her opportunity to have an affair with her now-former admirer. 

She said: “I wish we’d kissed. I wish we’d had a fumble. I wish I’d got a chance to run my hands over his rock-hard arms and chest. I’ve thought about divorce but for what? My life is fine, the children are happy, no worries. I only needed a secret flirty friend and my life would have been complete and now my husband has ruined that and I resent him even more for it.”

As the issues unfolded, her husband asked her how she would feel if it was the other way around. 

She wrote: “My honest thought was relieved. I’d invite her and her family around for dinner.”

Her post received over 100 comments in the few hours since it went live.  One user said: “Just leave this empty marriage. You clearly despise your husband so why stay?”

Another said: “Your husband sounds like a terribly depressing person to have in your life.”

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