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Cops 'arrest Sara Sharif's uncle on suspicion he knows where girl's family are'

Police have arrested an uncle of Sara Sharif because they suspect he knows where her father, stepmother and another uncle, all wanted over her murder, are hiding.

10-year-old Sara’s body was found at her family home in Woking, Surrey on August 10, a day after father Urfan Sharif fled to Pakistan with his partner Beinash Atool, brother Faisal Malik and his five children.

An international manhunt is now underway for the three fugitives, with detectives in Pakistan questioning family members who are suspected of hiding the trio.

One of those arrested is Mr Sharif’s brother Imran, who has been detained by police because they are ‘convinced’ he knows where the family is hiding, Mail Online reports.

Police sources are cynical of claims being made by Imran and his family members. They revealed that the family home in Jhelum is locked and now empty and a shop they run which adjoins their home is also locked up.

The source told the Mail: ‘We spoke to Imran and some of the family members last week and they insisted that they did not know where Urfan and his family are.

‘But we don’t believe them, there’s absolutely no way that they can’t know where eight of their relatives who have come from England are. They are telling us a pack of lies.’

They added: ‘We managed to get hold of Imran, but the rest of his family have gone missing. They clearly have something to hide. We have got hold of one of them and will be interrogating him until he tells us the truth.’

Imran is currently being questioned by police in Jhelum and officers from Pakistan’s Federal Investigation Agency, the publication reports.

Last week, Imran told the outlet that Mr Sharif had visited the family home after arriving in Pakistan on August 9, but came alone and that they had not seen him since.

He said: ‘After reaching Pakistan he came to us and instantly disappeared. He did not bring his family to our home. Some people say he is hiding somewhere in Jhelum in a rented house, but others said he may be gone to Mirpur where his in laws are living.’

He added: ‘Police has raided our home twice during the last week and took pictures of Urfan and other family members. We have been warned to inform police immediately soon after receiving his whereabouts.’

Sara’s mother, Polish woman Olga Sharif, 36, who was married to Mr Sharif between 2009 to 2017, urged her ex-husband to ‘come forward and explain himself’.

Olga, who lives in Somerset, praised British police for doing a good job in trying to track him down.

She said: ‘The police are doing a good job finding him.’

Heartbroken Olga praised her daughter as ‘an amazing child,’ adding: ‘She was so beautiful. I can’t believe she’s dead.’

Olga hopes to bury her child back in her native Poland.

Surrey Police have been contacted for comment.

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