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The underrated UK seaside towns with ‘better weather than Cornwall’

Towns along the Scottish coast are becoming increasingly popular amongst Brits with thousands opting to visit the scenic spot over places like Cornwall.

The Moray Coast in Scotland is the latest seaside destination that’s aiming to draw in as many tourists as Cornwall does, with some even claiming it has “better weather”.

Cornwall has been a popular spot for decades, with many choosing to visit the stunning beaches in St Ives and beautiful landscape across the region.

Speaking to The Guardian about the Moray Coast, Will Hall of environmental education charity Wild Things said: “It’s often as warm here as it is in London – and we get less rain than Cornwall”.

Apparently, due to a meteorological blip called a rain shadow, the Scottish location often reaches similar temperatures to London.

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The destination features rugged cliffs and vaulting rock stacks framing the beach with a fold of rolling hills as a backdrop.

The Moray Coast spans 500 miles of coastline, spanning three council areas in Scotland – Highland, Moray and Aberdeenshire.

Lined with quaint fishing villages, beautiful sandy beaches and a surplus of wildlife, there are a number of great spots to stay to take in the scenic coast.

The main coastal village settlements are Fraserburgh, Macduff, Banff, Portsoy, Cullen, Findochty, Buckie, Portgordon, Lossiemouth, Hopeman, Burghead, Findhorn Nairn and Inverness.

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Nestled within its modest boundaries, Pennan is a quaint and delightful village, boasting merely a single line of homes, a hotel, and a petite harbour.

The village gained prominence in 1983 when it served as a picturesque backdrop for the movie “Local Hero.”

The crimson telephone booth showcased in the film remains intact, drawing visitors from all corners of the globe.

Tarlair stands as a piece of Art Deco architecture, an enchanting swimming facility located on the outskirts of Macduff. Originating from a commission in 1929 and finalizing its construction in 1931, this complex remains one of Scotland’s sole three extant open-air swimming pools. Despite its age causing some deterioration, it retains its allure, making it a captivating stop during your journey along the Moray coast.

The Macduff Marine Aquarium is a remarkable asset housed within its distinct 16-sided structure that bears resemblance to a volcano.

Within this captivating building, you’ll discover a vast cylindrical tank brimming with seawater, hosting a diverse array of fish species indigenous to the Moray Firth region.

Situated a mere 1.5 miles to the east of Portsoy, you’ll find Boyne Castle, a 16th-century fortress encircled on three edges by the meandering waters of the Burn of Boyne.

Unfortunately, the site has succumbed to overgrowth and has remained unattended for an extended period, making it a relatively hidden and less-travelled route.

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