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Carol Vorderman slams Prince William for skipping Women’s World Cup final

Carol Vorderman has slammed Prince Willam after he failed to attend Women’s world cup final to support the Lionesses.

The outspoken media personality took to Twitter to alert her followers that, unlike Queen Letizia of Spain, Prince Williams had failed to travel to Sydney to attend the match despite his role as FA president.

“Prince William, President of the FA, isn’t travelling to support the Lionesses in the World Cup Final,” the broadcaster tweeted, alongside a graphic detailing the most expensive royal families in Europe.

The comments prompted mixed reactions from users, with one saying: “And if he did, you’d be crying about him flying all the staff halfway around the world for a 90 minute match.”

Another said: “Feels like a huge error of judgement from The Royal Family. Nobody in attendance at one of the biggest sporting moments in the history of the United Kingdom. Nothing bigger. Their absence without any official explanation is bizarre.”

Vorderman went on to praise Queen Letizia of Spain, while bitterly criticising the British Royal Family, questioning whether they are deserving of the expected pay rise for 2025.

“Queen Letizia of Spain is going with her 16 yr old daughter,” she pointed out, saying that the British Royal Family is the “most expensive in Europe”, while Spain is the “cheapest”.

Last July, it was revealed that King Charles III is set to receive a huge pay rise from the UK taxpayer, with a public funding boost of 45 percent from 2025.

A a review of royal funding published by the Treasury showed the royal family’s grant is due to increase from £86m to £125m.

“For what exactly?” Vorderman asked.

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She doubled down on her praise for the Spanish monarch, saying: “Queen Letizia of Spain and her daughter properly hugging every Spanish player, and handing out the medals and trophies…an iconic moment. Congratulations Spain.”

The Lionesses narrowly missed out on a first Women’s World Cup after Spain edged a tense final 1-0 at Sydney’s Stadium Australia on Sunday.

“Our Lionesses did England proud,” Vorderman added.

“Extraordinary achievement, so many good times to come I’ve no doubt at all.”

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