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Tailgater follows right up ambulance's backside to beat the traffic

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A selfish driver has been slammed on social media after he was filmed skipping queues of cars by tailing an ambulance.

In a viral TikTok video, lines of traffic can be seen parting to make space for the emergency vehicle to get past.

The ambulance then speeds through with blue lights flashing and siren blaring.

But close on its tail is a black Renault Clio, its driver making the most of the short cut to beat the traffic.

The video, uploaded by user zondles, has been viewed thousands of times.

It is unclear where in the UK the short clip was filmed.

One commentator, who claimed to be an ambulance driver, said he would have taken action if he had witnessed the Renault driver’s unsafe behaviour.

The ambulance driver wrote: ‘It’s illegal to speed after an emergency vehicle, you could be fined for dangerous driving.’

He added he would have pulled the tailgater over to explain the danger of his driving.

When other users questioned the speeds in the video, the ambulance driver added: ‘But he’s still tailgating an ambulance on emergency response, which is dangerous driving…’

One person suggested the Renault could have been shadowing the ambulance for less dangerous reasons.

‘Hear me out’, one user wrote. ‘What if it’s a loved one following them to the hospital?’

Others soon replied that, even if this was the cause, paramedics would never encourage such behaviour.

Similar incidents have been caught on camera throughout the years.

In November 2016, a driver tailed an ambulance for two miles to cut through traffic.

A paramedic inside the emergency vehicle, Shane Jones, had revealed how the behaviour could have easily caused crash.

The 21-year-old told the Birmingham Mail: ‘It was unbelievable behaviour.

‘We had a poorly child in the ambulance who we were taking to hospital under blue lights.

‘This person was following us for a total of about two miles. The traffic was very busy and by the time we got to the Aston Expressway it was at a standstill.

To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to a webbrowser thatsupports HTML5video

‘The tailgater was driving extremely closely and it was getting to the point where he could actually cause an accident if we had to jam on the brakes.

‘We had to make a decision based on safety – either to turn off the blue lights and continue to hospital more slowly or try and stop him.’

Three years later, video caught the moments before a frustrated paramedic leaped out an ambulance to berate a tailgating driver.

Dashcam footage showed two lanes of packed traffic moving out of the way as the emergency vehicle tries to get down the road quickly.

It was swiftly followed by a black Nissan Juke.

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