Friday, 3 Apr 2020

Supergirl tries to stop Superman and Batman attacking banker

Two thugs dressed as Superman and Batman have been jailed after they battered a bank worker at a fancy dress party.

Dale McCarthy, 19, and Jay Drage, 20, were told their behaviour was ‘far from befitting’ of the reputations of the superheroes.

A court heard how the pair stamped on and kicked Paul Howkins, 26, while he lay unconscious.

A party goer dressed as Supergirl tried to break up the fight before helping the victim, who was later taken to hospital.

Warwick Crown Court heard that Mr Howkins was with colleagues from the Barclays Bank complaints department at their annual Christmas party last December.

In another room at the Sports Connection leisure centre in Ryton, Warwickshire, was a 40th birthday party.

McCarthy went dressed as Superman and Drage as Batman in costumes secured by their friend Haydon Illingworth-Joyce, who was decked out as sidekick Robin.

Prosecutor Ian Windridge said that trouble started at the end of the evening after revellers went outside for a cigarette.

He said there was ‘some sort of confrontation’ before people headed back into the foyer area, which was covered by CCTV.

Fellow bank worker Connor Paton was followed by McCarthy ‘who pursued him to the stairs leading to the function rooms.’

Mr Windridge added: ‘As Supergirl tried to push Batman away back out of the doors, a blow off-camera from Superman felled Mr Paton.

‘And as one of his colleagues, Michael Sheehy, tried to help Mr Paton, who was bleeding from an injury to his face, he was also punched by Superman before a member of staff intervened and tried to get him to leave.’

CCTV showed their colleague Mr Howkins being knocked to the floor and, while lying unconscious, McCarthy stamped on top of him.

The court heard he was identified by his red cape which was captured on the footage.

Drage then landed a ‘substantial kick’ on Mr Howkins while another guest, dressed as Supergirl, desperately tried to pull him away.

The impact of the kick caused Mr Howkins’ head to be lifted off the floor and Drage lost his balance and fell over.

Mr Howkins had cuts to his face and was found to have suffered a small bleed to his brain but did not require surgery.

CCTV footage showed Illingworth-Joyce, 22, watching the fight and he was cleared of affray.

McCarthy, of Rugby, has no previous convictions but was jailed for nine months after admitting affray.

Drage, of Wolston, Warwickshire, was jailed for 12 months after admitting affray.

The court heard that the fight on December 7 happened just three days before Drage was due to be sentenced for an earlier assault.

Judge Anthony Potter said: ‘This was what in any other circumstances might be a comic event because you were attending a birthday party dressed as superheroes.

‘You may have been dressed as superheroes, but the way you conducted yourselves was far from befitting, so far as the reputations of Superman and Batman are concerned.’

He added: ‘These kinds of acts frequently lead to serious injuries and sometimes fatalities.

‘I’ve considered whether I can suspend the sentence, but I could not send out the message that someone who kicks someone who is unconscious on the ground is deserving of a suspended sentence.

‘I would be failing in my public duty if I were to suspend it.’

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