Sunday, 3 Jul 2022

Royal Family ‘comforts’ Britons with ‘sense of belonging’ during times of crisis and chaos

Kate blows a kiss to Prince Louis during Jubilee Pageant

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With the cost of living crisis and the war in Ukraine taking a toll on the lives of people across the globe, the world can often seem a bit gloomy. However, psychologist Sheena Tanna-Shah told that people turn to the Royal Family to provide them with comfort during hard times. She said: “People are fascinated by the Royal Family because they bring a sense of calm and familiarity amongst the daily chaos we are often faced with. “They are a constant in our lives and feel certain, strong and stable during uncertain times.” Ms Tanna-Shah added the Royal Family resonate with members of the public because they unite people in Britain and across the world.

She said as humans “we feel comforted in that sense of belonging”.

During the Platinum Jubilee weekend, millions of people tuned in to watch the royal celebrations on TV and some avid royal fans even camped out on the Mall in the hopes of catching a glimpse of their favourite royals.

Families and friends also gathered together for street parties, picnics and other celebrations.

Prince William and Kate Middleton even made a surprise visit to a street party in Kensington, West London to “thank the community” on the final day of the Jubilee celebrations.

Ms Tanna-Shah said because members of the Royal Family from all generations continue to carry out duties they remain relevant to both older and younger members of society, thus bringing everyone together.

She added the public can also relate to the Royal Family through their role as parents.

Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge and her youngest son Prince Louis stole the show during the Jubilee celebrations as the cheeky young prince was seen making faces at his mother.

Royal fans reacted with delight at the mother and son’s bond.

Commenting on a Twitter post by the Cambridge’s following the Jubilee celebrations, Twitter user Alice Murray said: “You are both doing a tremendous job working for the country and raising three beautiful children.”

Posting a picture of the Duchess and Louis together in the comments Nikki added: “As a parent, we can all relate to your strong relationship with Louis.”

Ms Tanna-Shah added the popularity of the British Royal Family compared with other royal families is due to “the successful way they have continued to brand themselves as being dedicated to the country and committed to serving.”

She added: “They make their presence known all around the world visiting countries, embracing all cultures, meeting people, taking time to talk and listen to them and doing endless charity work.

“The Royal family unites people especially when there are celebrations taking place such as Royal weddings, births and Jubilees.

“These events make us feel patriotic and we all get involved whether that’s celebrating together with street parties, putting the bunting out or enjoying a tea and scone.

“People are fascinated by the British Royals because of their vast history, and extravagant lifestyle, but also with them as individuals and family members who engage with the public.”

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