Friday, 3 Feb 2023

Princess Eugenie makes lifestyle change after being inspired by son

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Princess Eugenie revealed these changes at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

She explained how she has decided to change her behaviour at home and educate her son, August, on climate change.

The youngest daughter of Prince Andrew also said she had a new passion to tackle climate change following becoming a mother, one which also brought with it a fear of flying.

The Princess added that she has become increasingly concerned for communities vulnerable to climate change.

Speaking to Reuters, Princesss Eugenie said: “My son’s going to be an activist from two years old, which is in a couple of days. So, he, everything is for them.

“I talked to Peter Thomson, the UN Special Envoy for Oceans and all he says to me is that I do this for my grandchildren. And that’s the same. Every decision we now make has to be for whether August, what he’s going to be able to look at and do and how he’s going to live his life.

“But I think also as a mother, you all of a sudden, totally you change, your hormones change, everything changes.

“Like now I’m scared of flying and things like that and I would never be before.”

Princess Eugenie also said she had changed how she lives following beocming a mother.

She said: “At home we have no plastic, we try as much as possible to have no plastic and I’m trying to teach him that. But it’s a battle.”

On what the future holds for the environment, the royal described the situation by saying: “I like to be a ‘glass half full’.”

She said she’d “rather be that way, but sometimes the facts and figures and sometimes sometimes having the dinners do give you that sort of sense of frustration and doom and gloom.”

Princess Eugenie is also keen to highlight the impact of climate change on vulenrable communities and how the poorest in society are affected.

She said: “Modern slavery and human trafficking is a really big issue across the globe. There are 49 million people estimated in slavery today and we know that when the climate is vulnerable, the most vulnerable people are affected by it.

“And we’re going to see that more and more, you know, each time there’s a crisis happening, that people are going to be vulnerable and taken into difficult situations. So climate goes hand in hand with it really.”

This isn’t the first time Princess Eugenie has spoken out about climate change, trying to make her wedding to her husband Jack Brooksbank as plastic free as possible when it occurred in 2018.

Last year, Princess Eugenie featured in a miniseries on plastic and pollution in the ocean.

In one of the episodes, Eugenie’s friend Ellie Goulding said: “It’s way beyond being an eco-warrior now, it’s way beyond being someone who happens to like nature a bit, or happens to like being by the sea, I think it’s really important to stress that, we all have to play a part in this.”

While a member of the royal family discussing and trying to do their bit for climate change is useful in encouraging others to do the same, it is important for everyone to do their bit.

There are fears among climate groups that the world will not meet the targets it needs to meet to prevent an environmental cataclism within the next century.

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