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Who is Yammy B? | The Sun

YAMMY B was a criminal who spent over four decades behind bars.

He has since reformed, and is on a mission to steer others away from the life of crime that he found himself in years ago. This is what we know about him.

Who is Yammy B?

Yammy B is a former criminal, who was known for violently robbing drug dealers to aid his opioid addiction.

He was born to an Indian father and a Welsh mother, and grew up in East London.

He had a difficult upbringing, being taken into foster care aged two, and then being taken into permanent care aged 10 due to his father's ill health.

He was involved in criminal activity from a young age, being sentenced to six months in Stanford House Juvenile Remand Centre when he was 13 for ABH on a member of staff at his children's home.


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What is Yammy B's real name?

His real name is Samson Bee.

He got the nickname Yammy B as in patois, to yam something is to take it or eat it, which he suggested is essentially what he did with regards to class A drugs.

How long did Yammy B spend in prison?

In total, he spent 43 years in various prisons across the UK.

He once received a royal warrant from Queen Elizabeth II, after saving a female prison probation officer who was being attacked by a fellow prisoner.

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He ended up having 290 days knocked off his sentence.

What has Yammy B said?

After spending over 40 years in prison, Bee says he has now changed and become a more spiritual person.

In an interview with Inside Time, which is the national newspaper for prisoners and detainees, he said that people in jail should take encouragement from his story and that they can change their lives for the better.

What does Yammy B do now?

Bee has appeared in various podcasts, where he details his time in prison and his criminal career.

He also has his own YouTube channel called Yammy B TV, where he shares stories of other criminals as well as his own experiences.

He has told stories on his channel about notorious criminals such as The Kray twins, Charles Bronson and Tony Argent.

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