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Prince William’s ‘ambition continues to grow’ as royal to expand key initiative

Prince William appears in final prep video for concert

Prince William is increasingly ambitious about the work of his Earthshot Prize and is eager to highlight the effort of communities across Asia to tackle the most pressing environmental challenges the planet faces, prize CEO Hannah Jones claimed.

The third edition of the award ceremony will be held in Singapore on November 7, following in the footsteps of London and Boston.

Jones said William “doesn’t stay still” and is focused on ensuring the prize is able to support an increasing number of people.

She said the Prince of Wales is looking forward to travelling to Singapore later in the year to “spotlight” the hard work of individual and local organisations in the field of conservation and environmentalism.

The Earthshot Prize CEO said: “I think he and we are all very excited to be in Asia.

“We think it’s a real opportunity to spotlight what countries around the region are doing, what people are doing.

“His ambition continues to grow, and rightly so. The focus is still completely, ‘What are we doing to impact? What is our impact? How do we scale our impact? How can we go faster?'”

William launched the Earthshot Prize in 2020 to promote effective new approaches to tackling the biggest environmental challenges the world faces.

Winners of the prize are awarded $1 million and receive support to expand their ideas into viable projects. Under current plans, the Prince of Wales is expected to award the prized until 2030.

Speaking exclusively to People, Jones said 2023 will play a pivotal role in the fight to tackle the climate emergency, noting the United Nations will review the world’s performance in lowering carbon emissions.

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The Earthshot Prize CEO also noted that despite efforts to curb emissions and address the emergency, climate anxiety has rocketed.

She continued: “As you see those issues and that real need, it increases all of our and the prince’s sense of urgency to have these solutions scale and to drive urgent optimism into young people’s mindsets so that they feel they have the agency and the power to act to make a difference.

“We want to be the antidote, and he speaks to this a lot. How can we be part of the answer that is the antidote to people feeling defeatism? Because defeatism does not lead to action, and we’re not asking people to hope without real evidence.

“We have the evidence in droves — close to 3,500 nominations cumulatively over the last two and a half years alone, each one of whom tells a story of someone that’s decided they’re going to do something about fixing the planet.”

The award ceremony in November will be part of the inaugural Earthshot Week, during which global leaders and businesses will meet in Singapore to explore the proposals of award nominees and other organisations.

Jones reported over 1,100 entries were submitted in 2023, noting 60 percent of the applicants hail from the Global South.

The Prince of Wales said he had been inspired to create the Earthshot Prize by John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s 1962 Moonshot speech, in which the President challenged the US to take leadership in the space race.

Jones insisted the Awards’ effort “has to be the equivalent of President Kennedy’s Moonshot” to ensure the world cuts carbon emissions by 40 percent by 2030.

She added: “Seven and a half years is exactly what it took to land a man on the moon after he gave his speech [in 1962].

“So we have to do the same thing this year. We have to drive everybody and say, ‘We have to make those things happen’.”

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