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Prince Charles and Camilla Cuba tour: Why are Charles and Camilla visiting Cuba today?

Prince Charles and Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall are currently touring the Caribbean where they will be taking part in more than 50 engagement on ten different islands. The royal couple started their Commonwealth trip on March 17 and are due to return to Britain on March 29. The Prince of Wales, accompanied by his wife, is today visiting Cuba – becoming the first member of the British Royal Family to ever visit the country.

Why are Prince Charles and Camilla visiting Cuba today?

According to British Government sources, the historic visit is important in developing new relationships post-Brexit.

The Cuba visit is the second last stop for the royals before they return to Britain on March 29, ironically what was supposed to be Britain’s departure date from the EU.

A few years ago the visit would have been unthinkable after six decades of leadership under the dictator Fidel Castro and his family.

The Prince of Wales’ historic visit to the nation will likely be viewed as a significant step forward in the UK’s relationships with Cuba.

Prime Minister Theresa May has also sent out Government minister and former businessman Tariq Mahmood Ahmad, Baron Ahmad – Minister of State for the Commonwealth and United Nations at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

They will also attempt to capitalise on the good will of the visit in these uncertain Brexit times.

There are no plans for Prince Charles and Camilla to meet Raul Castro, the brother of Cuba’s former Communist leader Fidel Castro who died in 2016.

However, the royal couple will both visit a community and an art centre.

Prince Charles will meet some of Cuba’s young entrepreneurs before the President of Cuba Miguel Diaz-Canel will welcome the Prince and the Duchess of Cornwall with an official dinner.

The future King of Britain will also meet a group of British classic car owners, and visit a Cuban music recording studio, as well as a leading dance studio.

He will then travel out of Havana to learn about renewable energy and farming.

Both the Prince and his wife will also attend a reception held by the British Ambassador.

On March 27 the two will leave the country, to travel to the Cayman Islands.

On March 29, they will complete their official Caribbean tour and return to Britain.

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