Wednesday, 23 Sep 2020

‘No you’re not, I can tell you that!’ – Labour’s Rachael Maskell schooled on her manifesto

Rachael Maskell spoke to the BBC’s Jo Coburn on Politics Live about the sentencing of terrorists. Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has said that convicted terrorists shouldn’t necessarily serve their full prison sentences. This comes after the horrific attack on London Bridge, which claimed the lives of two people.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson revealed that there are “probably about 74” convicted terrorists who have been released early.

Ms Coburn grilled the Labour candidate over her party’s plans for probation services.

The BBC journalist asked: “Are you reversing cuts in probation service that have been made since 2010?”

Ms Maskell said “absolutely”, but was quickly shut down by the presenter.

Ms Coburn told the politician: “Well no, you’re not going to reverse all of them. I can tell you that.”

Ms Maskell tried to defend her party: “What we have said is we’re going to set probation on a new footing.”

The Politics Live presenter said: “But that’s not the same as reversing all the cuts so can we be clear?

“You’re not pledging in your manifesto to reverse all the cuts.”

Ms Maskell replied: “That is a direct pledge in the manifesto, but what we are setting out is having a coordinated probation service which is absolutely vital to make sure that we are supporting people being rehabilitated back into the community.

“There are many elements of that, for instance ensuring that people have security of hope housing.

“Also having support services and mental health services around, as well as the facility and support they need in the community.”

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She continued: “There are so many elements of probation, not just the work of a probation officer.

“Therefore you’ve got to look at the whole package in the round.

“How do we support people after they leave the prison service?”

The Labour candidate also put emphasis of de-radicalisation programmes in prison.

Since the London Bridge attack on Friday, politicians have been debating sentencing laws.

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