Sunday, 25 Jul 2021

No more ‘quality family time’ for William & Harry means Queen will ‘never meet’ grandchild

Meghan Markle may ‘not feel welcome’ back to UK says expert

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Speaking to USA based lifestyle magazine US Weekly, royal expert and journalist Jonathan Sacerdoti explained there will be no more “quality family time” between the UK-based royals and Meghan and Harry as a result of the state of the relationship between brothers William and Harry. He explained that as a result, The Queen will likely never meet her granddaughter Lilibet ‘Lily’ Diana Mountbatten Windsor. His comments come in the wake of a reunion of warring William and Harry at the unveiling of a memorial statue to their later mother Diana, Princess of Wales on July 1. Mr Sacerdoti insisted the relationship will likely stay professional and corporate and be limited to “meetings” and not special family occasions.

Mr Sacerdoti said: “When Harry and Meghan left the UK as working royals, it was on a trial basis and there was talk that even if they did decide to make a life away from Great Britain and away from the Royal family.

“That there would be polite and loving relations when they would come back.”

But the royal expert explained how the moment the Queen “snubbed” Prince Harry’s suggestions that he could come back and forth to the UK to fulfill some royal duties on a part-time basis was a warning sign that the family would spend more and more time apart. 

Since then and following the bombshell Oprah Winfrey interview alongside various other media appearances by the California-based pair, Mr Sacerdoti explained it was more and more “unlikely” the Queen will ever meet her granddaughter Lilibet Diana Mountbatten Windsor.

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He explained: “I would say it is perhaps unlikely that they are going to be spending what we would think of as ‘quality family time’ together at Christmas and New Year or birthdays.

“You just remember that the Queen hasn’t met her latest granddaughter, it doesn’t seem likely that she is going to any time soon.

“She has barely seen Archie for quite a while!

“So again on a human family level, forgetting them being the royal family, there is already some frostiness and distance there.”

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He went on to speculate how the relationship between the UK-based royals and Meghan and Harry will likely remain a professional and corporate one, striking out the “quality family time” aspect of their relationships.

The royal expert explained: “I suspect if things can go well maybe they will have the occasional meeting.

“But I don’t think it seems very high on anyones agenda!”

Mr Sacerdoti added how efforts have been made to keep the relationship rolling, with gifts sent by the Queen, but he explained how this will not repair the damage caused by the huge rift between the warring factions.

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He added: “Meghan and Harry do say that the Queen does send them a present here and there.

“So I don’t think necessarily there is overt animosity but it is like any family, sometimes we keep closer contact with people than other times and some people we stay more in touch with than others.”

He accepted that the distance between the USA and UK could play a factor in The Queen never meeting Lilibet but he went on to take a stab at Meghan for her taste for travelling on private jets when she was based in the UK, stressing how travel is possible if they want it.

He said: “I do remember that Meghan, in her time as a working royal, despite saying they took away her passport, seemed to go on an awful lot of private jet trips for celebrating birthdays and babyshowers and the like. So when they do want to travel – they can!”

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