Sunday, 9 Aug 2020

Never-before-seen picture shows relaxed Meghan Markle sipping tea during private visit

Justice for Girls, one of the charities based in Vancouver visited by Meghan on Tuesday, shared two new black-and-white pictures showing a relaxed Duchess of Sussex smiling as she visited the organisation. In the first picture, Meghan has her arms around the shoulders of the charity’s staff. 

The Duchess sports a very casual look as she is wrapped up in a white knitted jumper, tight blue denim and brown boots.

In the second snap, the royal can be seen holding a cup of tea as she sits at a table, with a notepad and pen in front of her.

Meghan smiles as she looks at one of Justice for Girls’ members of the staff laughing.

The tweet by the organisation in which are included the pictures read: “Yesterday, The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle visited to discuss climate justice for girls and the rights of Indigenous peoples. 

“Was great to talk about the importance of a holistic approach to social justice, and the power of young women’s leadership. #DuchessOfSussex”

Zoe Craig-Sparrow, the co-director at Justice for Girls, further praised Meghan’s engagement and knowledge on the issues discussed in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar.

She said: “We were very moved by the duchess visiting us despite terrible weather conditions in Vancouver and her very recent arrival.

“We were struck by how engaged and informed she was on the issues we discussed, and how quickly and gracefully she put us at ease.

“She was well-informed about the rights of girls and women and the need to challenge social inequality in a way that is holistic and global.

“Some of the issues we talked about included violence against girls; poverty and how it impacts access to education; girls’ rights in relation to the environment; leadership globally on issues of social and environmental justice; parallels between the struggles of girls in Canada with girls around the world; the need to approach social change in a holistic [and] integrated way, and how our proposed Justice for Girls Center aims to do just that.”

The association, created in 1999, seems to have been observed from afar by the Duchess of Sussex for a while.

When Meghan’s aide contacted the charity to arrange a visit, they said the Duchess believed Justice for Girls’ work was “credible and compelling”.

Meghan returned to Canada last Thursday after having briefly returned to the UK to visit Canada House, held private meetings with some of the associations she follows and share the statement announcing she and Prince Harry were planning to step down as senior royals. 

According to their statement, the pair no longer want to be full-time working royals but desire to carve out a new progressive role within the Royal Family, which will allow them to become financially independent, work on private projects and live between the UK and North America.

On Monday, Prince Harry attended a meeting with the Queen, Prince Charles and Prince William where they discussed possible ways forward for the Sussexes.

After the summit, the Queen released a statement where she acknowledged there are still “complex matters” to take care of.

However, she announced the Sussexes will live between the UK and Canada during a “period of transition”.     

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