Thursday, 24 Sep 2020

‘Negative’ Sir Keir Starmer’s No10 dreams dismantled as bitter Labour ‘civil war’ rages

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The Former Brexit Party MEP and director of the Think Tank The Institute of Ideas, Claire Fox, warned that Labour Party leader Sir Keir Starmer would have difficulty getting into No10 and becoming Prime Minister. While speaking on Sky News, Ms Fox argued the party had struggled during Brexit and lost a significant portion of voters and supporters. She added Mr Starmer’s attitude and decision to distance himself from former leader Jeremy Corbyn would also not inspire support from the nation as it was a negative approach.

She said: “Rebuilding to win an election is not going to be easy for him.

“I haven’t really had a sense of it being a positive vision from the Labour Party.

“All he seems to want to do is distance himself from Jeremy Corbyn.

“This is a very negative relationship with politics, the I am not him idea, new regime, new people strategy.

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“That is not going to inspire the nation, that is just sorting his own house out, not very politically astute in my view.”

Ms Fox noted it would prove difficult for Keir Starmer to build towards becoming Prime Minister after so many issues as leader.

Ms Fox said: “There is not a lot for Keir Starmer to entirely get wrong at the moment although he is not faultless by any stretch.

“You have the big issues that will face and confront him in the general election period.

“It will be the fact that the Labour Party lost the red wall, that Keir Starmer might not ever want to talk about the EU or Brexit ever again.

“Also we have got the issue of Scotland and the fact that Scottish Labour is collapsing and so on.”

Ms Fox also hinted at splits within the Labour Party that would prove problematic in the run up to a general election.

She said: “Keir Starmer has got his own problems.

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“He is in charge of a Labour Party that is constantly at civil war, it seems, he has got to sort that out.”

The latest YouGov polls have indicated that the Labour Party is proving more popular, while still behind the Conservative Party, however.

The latest voting habits undertaken by YouGov show that the Conservatives would receive 43 percent of the vote at a general election, compared to Labour’s 35 percent.

Prior to this, they had stood at 44 percent and 35 percent respectively with Labour edging slightly further forward.

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