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Meghan Markle’s Hollywood comeback rumours swirl as PR expert gives verdict

An expert in the PR field has weighed in his views on whether Meghan Markle will return to her former acting roots.

Meghan Markle had a successful acting career prior to meeting Prince Harry, leaving her Hollywood role behind her for a new royal role.

Meghan starred as Rachel Zane in US legal drama ‘Suits’, which premiered on USA Network in 2011.

Meghan and Harry stepped down from their royal duties in 2020, leaving the UK for a new life in the US.

The couple have since branched out in various ventures, which have, so far, proved to be not very successful.

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It has been suspected that the Duchess of Sussex could be looking to go back into acting, although nothing has been confirmed.

Speaking to the Mirror, Director of Media PR Global Kieran Elsby said: “The potential for Meghan’s re-entry into the world of acting looks likely.

“Her acting career was overshadowed by her royal status, and her decision to step away from acting marked a significant turning point in her life. Yet, the appeal of returning to a familiar territory, could be influential.”

Previously a household name on Suits, he suggested that a return to the show itself could be a way to keep Meghan as “relevant” as possible.

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He said: “I do wonder if the top spot is genuinely determined by viewership metrics at all.

“Or it is essential for Meghan to remain relevant to Netflix, hence the unaudited top spot. After all, they have invested heavily.”

This comes as news that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have reportedly bought the “rights” to a novel that sparked their interest.

It has been reported that Meghan and Harry recently bought rights to Meet Me At The Lake, a book by Carley Fortune.

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The couple were intrigued by the novel, which contains some themes similar to their own lives, and are hoping to turn it into a production for Netflix.

The couple signed their multi-million-pound deal for Netflix in 2020, at the same time they signed on the dotted line for their lucrative deal with Spotify.

The couple’s deal with Spotify recently came to an end, with the couple confirming the decision was mutually agreed with the company.

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