Sunday, 20 Jun 2021

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry ‘have not thought enough’ about impact on Archie of Oprah

Prince Harry speaking out 'will impact Archie' says expert

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Channel 5’s Storm Huntley told Jeremy Vine that she was concerned about the impact of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s mental health statements on their son Archie Harrison once he grows up. Ms Huntley highlighted, in particular, the comment made to Oprah Winfrey regarding the Duchess of Sussex having suicidal thoughts whilst pregnant with her son.

Ms Huntley said: “I do think talking is great and I do think it is great that he [Prince Harry] is bringing attention to things like the feelings of [being] suicidal and the effects that has on somebody’s partner.

“The thing that I am quite worried about is Archie.

“Archie is just a baby and does not know what is going on.

“Archie will not be a baby forever and he will go to school and people will tell him things about his mother.

“To find out that your mother was suicidal while pregnant, I think that is going to be quite hard.

“I do not think they have thought far enough forward of what this means for their children.

“I know they are trying to protect them by moving to American but I wonder if this is right to protect them.”

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