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Meghan left Harry ‘looking like a spare part’ in awkward Invictus Games moment

Meghan and Harry hand in hand at Invictus Games

Meghan Markle left Prince Harry looking like a “spare part” at the Invictus Games during her impromptu speech upon her arrival in Germany, according to a royal expert.

The Duchess of Sussex landed in Düsseldorf on Tuesday, a few days after the Duke, and explained at a reception that night she had been at home looking after their children.

She also took the opportunity to say how “special” it was to be at the Games and praised military competitors and their families.

While her intentions may have been to support Harry and his endeavours, Daily Mail royal editor Rebecca English said the move risked overshadowing the Prince and the competition, and would not have happened if they had still been working royals.

She said: “I do see the rationale behind Meghan accompanying him – you often see William accompanying Kate on things that she’s leading on, and vice versa.

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“I did find it a little strange that Meghan gave a speech at one of these events, I know it was a bit off the cuff, but you certainly wouldn’t see that in the Royal Family.

“If it was someone’s baby, the partner would always let the other person take the lead and shine. Harry did see a little bit like a spare part on the stage there.”

Daily Mail diary editor Richard Eden added the Duchess “was keen to show her support to Harry as his cheerleader really”.

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Today (September 15) marks Harry’s 39th birthday, which he and his wife celebrated in style with a traditional German dinner last night at a Düsseldorf restaurant.

The Sussexes were at the Schumach Beer Factory and happily posed for a picture with fellow diners before generally tipping the staff.

Harry reportedly downed six small pints of the finest German beer, while Meghan only indulged in one lager to accompany their meal of bratwurst sausage and wiener schnitzel with red cabbage and mashed potato.

Thea Ungermann and head waiter Frank Wackers told MailOnline: “He was a lovely man and was having a very jolly time. Meghan was lovely. They were very happy. He is a lovely man, and they were so nice.”

Sources close to the Prince said: “They drank local beer and ate family style dishes to experience a true German meal. Everyone was incredibly friendly, especially the waiters pictured in the photograph online.

“They did not dine in a private space and were in joyful spirits, toasting and laughing with the team.

“After dinner the group headed back to the hotel to sing happy birthday and eat cake just shy of midnight!”

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