Wednesday, 27 Sep 2023

Meghan Markle’s technique to signify ‘intense togetherness’ with Harry

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were all smiles yesterday as they put their love and affection on full display whilst posing for pictures with NATO chiefs outside the Merkur Spiel-Arena in Dusseldorf.

And a body language expert says they looked like when they were newlyweds in the snaps.

Judy James claimed the pair reconstructed body language poses from their engagement interview.

She told the Mirror: “Standing side by side, their hands were clasped with the fingers meshed, suggesting intimacy.”

The expert pointed out how Meghan then used a special technique to show a “more intense togetherness”.

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She explained: “It was when Meghan doubled-up the clasp by placing her other hand over it to signal even more intense togetherness, or placed that hand on Harry’s arm in an ownership ritual that the pose looked like a near-perfect reminder of how their love affair began.”

The couple later headed to watch more of the competitions on the sixth day of the Invictus Games and were swamped by fans as they headed to their seats to watch Nigeria play Ukraine in a wheelchair volleyball match.

The Sussexes happily posed for pictures with fans, with Harry placing a protective arm around his wife to protect her from the crowd.

And the expert claimed they appeared to be “even more in besotted newlywed mode” at the sporting event.

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She said: “After posing for selfies and hugging members of the crowd, Harry and Meghan began using some stronger signals of intimate togetherness, ending in Harry standing behind Meghan, enveloping her in a double-arm hug that encircled her upper shoulders and torso.”

The body language expert also explained that Harry seemed to show possessiveness of Meghan with the move.

She said: “This was Harry at probably his most possessive, seeming to signal that he was happy to share his wife with the fans but they needed to remember she’s all his now.”

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