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Martial arts expert shares how to survive an XL bully dog attack

Shocking footage shows dog attacking people in Birmingham

A martial arts expert has shared how to have the best chances of winning a fight against an XL bully after three people were injured in Birmingham on Saturday.

Matt Fiddes, who trains in self defence, said it would be almost “impossible” to fight off the dog and has encouraged a ban on the breed.

He described them as “tigers” and urged people to stay away from the animal.

But he said there are options if you ever do need to fight off the dog, saying the best option is to “maintain self awareness”.

Mr Fiddes, 44, said you can also use objects to help block it off, including “chairs” or “even a handbag”.

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The expert, who is the founder of the UK’s largest martial arts school, is backing calls to ban the breed after the latest attack saw an 11-year-old girl injured.

The dog was being walked by its owner on Saturday, September 9 when it broke loose and bit the girl as she walked past.

Two men intervened but were chased and bitten, leaving injuries to their shoulders and arms. They were taken to hospital to be treated for their injuries.

The dog was taken to a vet to be checked over before being placed in secure kennels while an investigation continues.

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Suella Braverman said the breed pose a “clear and lethal danger” to people – particularly children – with a number of attacks having taken place this year alone.

Mr Fiddes, from Swindon, Wiltshire, said: “The trouble with a breed like that is that honestly, even if you’re Bruce Lee, you’re screwed. If you’re fighting them with your bare hands, you lose. They’re so tenacious, they’ll fight you like a tiger.

“Your only option is to run or to call for help. It’s not worth the risk going anywhere near them. If you ever are confronted by one of them and you cannot escape, you can try and fight the animal with items in your surroundings.

“Sometimes even larger animals like this get scared off if you actually fight back.”

He continued: “That is always the best option for other threats, whether it’s a gun, a knife or just someone acting strangely on a train – you should just avoid the situation. If you see these animals, or someone suspicious, you should get out of their way.”

Matt highlighted that it can be difficult for children to understand this concept and shared how his four-year-old wanted to pet every animal they see.

But he stressed that it takes “just one second for an animal to turn aggressive.”

The expert believes that breeds deemed dangerous should be treated like wild animals under law and added that owning such pets seems to have become a “status symbol” for young men.

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