Tuesday, 26 Sep 2023

‘French police are supposed to protect us but they just treat women as objects’

In the area around the local university, a group of three female nursing students exchanged knowing looks when asked by the Daily Express about the reputation of the police sent to Calais to secure the border.

“They are known as boys that really like girls, but not for serious things just for a night,” a blonde nurse explained.

Although they are barely in their twenties she and her friends regularly encounter officers on nights out in the town who harass them for sex.

“Every time I’m with a group of girls and the police ask if we want to go with them to the hotel,” a blonde nurse explained.

“They will tell you ‘come with me’ without even asking your name, it’s very direct.”

One of their friends, aged 19, decided to go back with a 39-year-old officer after he made an advance on her.

“She went to the hotel and there were girls everywhere, he was direct, trying to do something sexual, touching her without asking. She felt uncomfortable and left,” the student added.

When we asked whether the police officers drafted in to protect the borders were better known for chasing women than dealing with the migrant issue there was a collective nod and a chorus of “oui”.

The women could reel off the hotels the officers were known to stay at with the 4* Hotel B&B the Daily Express visited top of the list.

One continued: “They are supposed to protect but they treat women as objects and are sexually aggressive which makes them lose credibility.

“If say they are saying what’s wrong and what’s right but don’t do the same thing in their personal life, they lose credibility professionally. After a while people just can’t trust them anymore.”

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