Friday, 23 Feb 2024

Man left with 500 Liz Truss toys after she resigned

Kwasi Kwarteng reveals he warned Liz Truss to ‘slow down’

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One man has been left with a stash of Liz Truss inspired toys after investing in hundreds of them just for the former Prime Minister to last 44 days in office. David Farquharson, 30, from Hanwell, was horrified when Ms Truss resigned as PM following a string of bad decisions. David, a novelty toy maker, decided to invest in the toys when Boris Johnson was forced to resign in what he saw as a money-making decision.

He told MyLondon: “Initially, I was going to make a Boris Johnson toy but then partygate happened and I thought I should hold off. Once the leadership race started and I could sense Liz Truss was going to win, I thought, ‘I’m going to get ahead start on this’. Around two weeks before she was elected, I said ‘I’m going to put all my chips in on her’.”

David got designing, found samples and the manufacturing time of creating Liz Truss chew toys was around 45 days to be created and shipped out.

He thought he was onto a winner – but then she resigned. After only 44 days, Ms Truss became Britain’s shortest-serving Prime Minister.

And David was left with 500 dog chew toys.

He said: “It’s been such a funny experience honestly – it took longer to get a dog toy made than she even spent in office. I couldn’t even be angry, it was just funny. I thought she would have a bit more longevity and I thought she would be the next relevant thing but she was been and gone so quickly.”

Even though he was left with 500 chew toys, his dog Gus was happy. David told how people were even buying chew toys from all over such as Germany, the USA, Canada and Norway but mainly people buying from the UK.

People had been buying the toys for Christmas for their pups but recently, sales have slowed down.

David is still in good spirits through everything and the experience despote spending around £3,500 certainly losing a “couple of grand”.

Even though he had high hopes for the toys, he hasn’t let the situation get him down and he still sees the funny side of what happened.

He said: “I’m all about the fun spirit of things and you’ve got to try these things to learn. I’ve sold around 300 now and the rest are currently sitting in my bathtub because that’s the only place I could put them. It really is funny how things have gone, I can’t even be angry.

“Next time I do it, I will find a character who might have a bit more longevity to them. It’s interesting the type of people buying it as well; people who are Liz Truss fans, people putting it on their mantlepiece and some buying it for their dogs.

“It’s so funny. I have spoken to some retailers about trying to stock Liz but it seems not many people want Liz Truss in her shop”, he said.

You can visit David’s website here if you are interested in buying a Liz Truss toy.

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