Tuesday, 10 Dec 2019

Listeria outbreak: Two more die after eating hospital sandwiches, death toll rises to five

Public Health England (PHE) confirmed of the nine cases linked to a bad batch of hospital sandwiched, a further two deaths have now been recorded. The victims have not yet been named. Two people have died at Manchester Royal Infirmary and one at Aintree Hospital.

There is currently an investigation into the outbreak.

The sandwiches are part of a batch from supplier the Good Food Chain.

But the firm buy fillings from another company called North Country Cooked Meats, which tested positive for the listeria bug.

PHE said in a statement: “The affected sandwiches and salads were withdrawn from hospitals when the links to the listeria infections were first identified”.

Originally, there were six cases with three deaths.

But a further three cases have been linked to the outbreak.

The Good Food Chain have “voluntarily” ceased production of the snacks while the investigation continues.

North Country Quality Foods have also ceased production.

Dr Nick Phin, Public Health England, said: “To date, there have been no patients linked to this incident outside healthcare organisations, but we continue to investigate.


“Swift action was taken to protect patients and any risk to the public is low.

“PHE is continuing to analyse all recent and ongoing samples of listeria from hospital patients to understand whether their illness is linked to this outbreak.”

Listeria is a dangerous bacterial infection.

It can cause serious complications and can make pregnant, young or elderly patents particularly at risk should they be infected with it.

The case fatality rate is currently set at 20 percent.

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