Monday, 21 Sep 2020

Kate Middleton trick: What Kate ALWAYS brings with her on car journeys

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While Prince William and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge may live in a palace or stately home most of the year round, they are really no different to other Brits. Like everyone else, they were forced to self isolate with their children at home, and, like everyone else, they want to be ready for anything when they travel around – especially with three children.

And as a mother, another the thing the Duchess of Cambridge recognises is that it’s best to always come prepared, no matter the situation.

In July 2019, she took Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis for a day out at the polo, where the kids watched their dad, Prince William, and uncle Prince Harry.

As ever, the hands-on mum fully prepped for the day out, filling the car boot with a variety of snacks and drinks.

The Duchess was spotted unpacking her children’s picnic and gathering them around her.

With her youngest, Prince Louis, settled on her lap, she offered what looked like everyone’s favourite treats.

Flapjacks, carrot batons, slices of pepper, cookies and other goodies were offered to the three royal children.

The Duchess of Cambridge had packed the food into plastic containers but also prepared another dish in a disposable foil tray.

The children drank bottles of Evian and were provided with plastic sippy cups to drink from.

Even though the Duchess is busy with royal events and other duties, she is a totally hands-on and present mum.

Body language expert Patti Wood said: “Every time we see Kate out with her children, it’s apparent that they are always her priority.

“Instead of paying attention to the cameras or reporters, Kate is communicating to her children that this moment is about their family more than anything.

“It is a way of creating a special memory despite the pomp and circumstance.”

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The body language expert also noted how the Duchess doesn’t let the public stage affect her playful and caring nature.

Ms Wood explained: “Oftentimes you will catch Kate and William with big, toothy grins and open mouths.

“These contagious smiles definitely indicate spontaneous joy.”

To get a better look at her children, the Duchess will often lean back or bend down to their level, undoubtedly in an effort to catch candid moments with the three siblings.

This also gives her the ability to catch moments where her children might feel overwhelmed, anxious or simply tired.

Body language expert Blanca Cobb explained: “She’s constantly scanning to make sure they are okay.

“It’s as if she’s taking an emotional temperature reading to make sure that everything is alright.”

Ms Wood added: “Time and time again, Kate proves that her focus is on her children – not anyone else.”

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