Thursday, 9 Jul 2020

It took an entire riot squad to bring down one of Britain's most violent inmates

A dangerous prison inmate who went on an eight hour rampage needed 100 officers in full riot gear to take him down, shocking CCTV footage shows.

John Onyenaychi, 38, was serving at least 25 years in HMP Full Sutton, Yorkshire, after trying to kill two police officers Ealing, West London in 2010.

The 20-stone, 6ft 2in inmate tore through the prison last August causing £15,000 worth of damage and multiple injuries.

Officers in full riot gear and shields used pyrotechnics and PAVA spray, similar to pepper spray, in order to eventually distract and incapacitate him.

Footage taken from inside the prison shows Onyenaychi hitting a guard from behind with a pan as he was unlocking a gate.

Onyenaychi hit the man five more times before attempting to attack other staff, hitting a female officer and narrowly missing another.

After beating the staff, Onyemaechi can be seen throwing fabric, paper and even a chair onto a fire started in a kitchen, eventually filling the room with smoke.

The video then shows him trying to smash up a pool table as the fire slowly takes hold behind him.

The 38-year-old appeared at Hull Crown Court earlier this month and was sentenced to an additional six years and nine months in prison for his one-man riot.

The court heard Onyenaychi started another fire and injured one prison officer after smashing a window and showering the officer with glass.

He injured another when he ‘lashed out’ with a 10cm screw and told a third: ‘Get off this landing now or I’m going to kill you.’

Prosecutor Anthony Dunne said staff had become ‘increasingly concerned’ about his behaviour in the days before the incident.

‘His size and demeanour made him intimidating to prison staff and other prisoners,’ Mr Dunne said.

The court heard Onyenaychi was ‘agitated’ about the potential to of transferring to a different wing, and was ‘upset his behaviour was being challenged in this way’.

The court also heard from the custody manager of the prison, who with twenty years of experience said it was ‘the most frightening experience she had ever witnessed’.

Onyenaychi was caught after he fell from netting between two balconies shortly after the hundred uniformed officers swarmed the balconies on either side.

Onyenaychi admitted assault occasioning actual bodily harm, four counts of common assault, two of making threats to kill, affray, and arson being reckless as to whether life is endangered.

Appearing via video link from HMP Woodhill in Milton Keynes, Onyenaychi said he was concerned about the affects the level of a prescribed steroid was having on his mood.

Anya Lewis, representing Onyenaychi, said he had raised these concerns before the incident as well as after, and now did not wish to take it again.

He is currently serving 25 years for a life sentence after being convicted of two counts of attempted murder which included slicing the neck of a police officer.

After Onyenaychi’s original trial Detective Chief Inspector John McFarlane said: ‘He is one of the most dangerous men in Britain.’

The prison’s parole board will decide whether the 38-year-old can be released from prison after serving a portion of his sentence.

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