Wednesday, 27 Oct 2021

EuroMillions winning numbers – are you a millionaire?

Neil and Sue Smart celebrate £1m Euromillions win

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The National Lottery’s EuroMillions draw has reached an incredible milestone, with the jackpot worth £184 million. The previous highest jackpot was £170 million, which was claimed by an anonymous ticket holder back in 2019. So are you tonight’s lucky winner?

Andy Carter, senior winners’ adviser at The National Lottery, said any winner of the record jackpot would become “part of a national event”.

He said a prize of £184 million “can make a difference for generations and generations to come”.

With £184 million one UK winner could count themselves richer than the singer Adele, whose net worth is £130 million, according to The Sunday Times Rich List.

Dream holidays would be at their fingertips, and that ideal home or supercar would be easily accessible.

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Mr Carter said he has seen “all sorts” of reactions in his 15 years of working with lucky ticketholders.

“I’ve seen people be sick with excitement, I’ve seen people resign their job on the spot, I’ve seen people jumping up and down, I’ve known husbands who haven’t told wives and wives who haven’t told husbands, I’ve been to homes where there’s literally a party going on already.”

However, Mr Carter issued some integral advice to any would-be winners.

He said: “If you’ve won a large amount of money in the National Lottery, the best thing you can do is go and have a cup of tea with another winner, because they’re the people that will truly understand.”

So what are tonight’s winning EuroMillions numbers? Read on for the latest.

EuroMillions winning numbers

Tonight’s EuroMillions numbers have not yet been announced. will update this page with more information once they have been.

Tonight’s Thunderball results and the Millionaire Maker’s code will also be announced here.

The EuroMillions results will be drawn at 8.45pm, with the chance to buy tickets for tonight’s draw closing at 7.30pm.

What happens if no one wins tonight’s EuroMillions?

The EuroMillions has reached its cap at £184 million (€220 million) and cannot get any bigger.

If no one wins, the jackpot will remain at £184 million for four more draws.

The fifth draw then becomes a must be won draw, and if no ticket matches all the numbers it is shared among all those ticketholders who are one number short.

This could see several new multimillionaires made.

The jackpot is won when a ticket holder correctly matches all five main numbers plus two lucky stars.

Each EuroMillions ticket also gives another chance to win, with a Millionaire Maker’s code issued with each line.

This does exactly what it says on the tin, if your number is called you will bag yourself £1 million.

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