Friday, 23 Oct 2020

East Kent hospital trust being prosecuted over 2017 baby death

East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust is being prosecuted overthe death of baby Harry Richford in 2017, the Care Quality Commission says.

In a statement, the CQC said: “The trust is charged with exposing Harry Richford and his mother Sarah Richford to significant risk of avoidable harm.

“Baby Harry tragically died on the 9 November 2017, seven days after he was born on the 2 November.

“The CQC is unable to comment further at this time due to legal restrictions.”

Harry Richford’s family welcomed decision.

In a statement, they said: “We are pleased that the CQC have made the landmark decision in making a criminal prosecution of the East Kent Hospitals Trust regarding the unsafe care and treatment of Sarah and Harry Richford.

“It will now be for the courts to hear all of the evidence that the CQC and our family have amassed over the last three years and to decide whether the clinical care and treatment offered at that time could be considered safe.

“Or whether there was a criminal breach of the duty of care that was clearly owed to both Sarah and Harry at their most vulnerable time.

Care for mothers and newborn babies at East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust has been heavily criticised following a series of baby deaths.

Among those treated at the trust was Harry Richford who died in a “wholly avoidable” tragedy, seven days after his emergency delivery in November 2017, an inquest found.

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