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Cartel hitman also wanted in Lithuania over gun death of pop star's lover

Imre Arakas is expected to be deported to Lithuania, where he is facing murder charges, once his sentence in Ireland is completed.

The Lithuanian authorities allege that he was part of a three-man gang that conspired to murder a man who had an affair with top Lithuanian pop star Vita Jakutiene.

Police allege that he travelled to Lithuania to carry out surveillance on his target on a number of occasions over a two-month period.

It is alleged that Arakas sourced optic sights for a handgun in Spain and Estonia, as well as chemical substances to eliminate traces of firearms, and clothing to be used in the murder.

Lithuanian police suspect he was behind the wheel of the Renault Megane, sourced in France, when the victim was brutally shot a dozen times by one of the car’s occupants.

Arakas was arrested by garda detectives in a holding cell at the Criminal Courts of Justice building on foot of a European Arrest Warrant (EAW), which was issued by Lithuanian authorities on February 19.

He is facing three related charges, including murder, in relation to the fatal shooting of Deimantas Bugavicius (26), which happened at 11.55pm on November 6, 2015.

The victim was shot 12 times with a handgun in a well-planned murder as he drove from his Kaunas home in a Mercedes car.

Nicknamed ‘The Diamond’, the victim was murdered in front of his lover, pop star Jakutiene, while she was estranged from her drug-dealing husband.

Lithuanian authorities allege that Arakas was “part of an organised group that for mercenary reasons acted in a manner in order to endanger the life of Deimantas Bugavicius”.

If extradited to Lithuania, Arakas is due to face three charges including murder, firearms and conspiracy-related charges in relation to the savage fatal shooting.

When arrested and charged by officers from the Garda Extradition Unit, the Estonian national said: “I was in Spain at my friend’s birthday.”

The High Court endorsed an EAW from Lithuania in February this year in relation to the charges.

The Lithuanian authorities allege that between a date in September 2015 and November 7, 2015, Arakas had visited Lithuania on a number of occasions, where surveillance was carried out on the murder target.


They alleged that two Dutch nationals were also involved in the sinister murder plot.

Lithuanian police claim that a Renault Megane car used in the murder was sourced in France and driven to the Baltic nation for the killing.

This vehicle was found burnt out after the gruesome gun murder.

Lithuanian police also say that they have established the routes – using both plane and car – by which Arakas entered the country on a number of dates in the two-month period.

They alleged that Arakas was in possession of a handgun and 9mm calibre Luger ammunition in connection with the murder, which has been classified as a contract killing.

Murder victim Bugavicius was in the company of Lithuanian pop star Jakutiene when he was shot dead.

It was previously reported that Jakutiene had been secretly recorded by her husband during her romantic affair with the murder victim.

Jail conditions in Lithuania are considered to be far tougher than in Ireland.

It seems unlikely that Arakas would get the same excellent medical treatment in a jail in the Baltic country which he did here when he suffered a suspected case of TB in May last year, from which he has now recovered.

Arakas, like a number of other Kinahan cartel associates such as ‘Fat’ Freddie Thompson and Jonathan Keogh, is currently housed in high-security Portlaoise Prison.

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