Sunday, 3 Mar 2024

Camilla sees boost to popularity despite spate of trolling

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The Queen Consort has been handed a boost in popularity, despite recent trolling, after a new poll indicated that the public are viewing the 75-year-old in a more positive light for her royal role alongside the King. The People Polling, conducted by GB News, asked whether members of the public have a favourable or unfavourable view of King Charles III’s wife.

The poll showed that 33 percent were in favour of the Queen Consort, whereas 30 percent gave an unfavourable answer.

Among 18–24-year-olds, Camilla’s net rating is -20. However, among over 65-year-olds, it is +18.

This is significant because the older age group are more likely to harbour resentment over her affair with Charles when he was married to the late Princess Diana.

In terms of a political stance, Camilla’s net rating is +34a for Conservative voters compared to -21 for Labour.

The polling result will be a relief to Camilla and Buckingham Palace alike as her popularity has been of keen importance to Charles over the past few decades.

Polling expert Professor Matt Goodwin said: “These numbers will be a relief in Buckingham Palace.

“We find that, overall, Camilla has a positive net rating among the British public, which underlines what a long way she has come in the public mindset since the 1990s.

“This is especially the case among older voters who are far more supportive than the younger voters from Gen-Z.”

Earlier this week, Camilla was forced to cancel her royal engagements for the remainder of the week due to testing positive for Covid for a second time.

In the vicious trolling, some people suggested that Camilla had come down with a sexually transmitted disease, with one user writing: “royal mistresses usually get syphilis don’t they?”.

Other users suggested that Camila had been struck with “whorenorroea” or “mad cow disease”.

One user also, pretending to show sympathy, compared the 75-year-old to a horse, writing: “hoped they called a vet or whoever treats horses”.


Tweeting after the news of Covid broke, Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu wrote: “Buckingham Palace must’ve known Camilla had Covid but instead of telling the truth, gaslit us with ‘seasonal illness” like we are stupid.

“There’s nothing seasonal about Covid so why lie. So unnecessary. If Royal Family can mislead on this, what else are they misleading us on?”

However, Shola’s tweet was met with backlash after some royal fans deemed that the test could have confirmed Covid after the statement was released.

One user, named Gracie, wrote: “Because maybe she hadn’t taken a test this morning when she felt ill with cold/flu symptoms. Then once she tested they announced it.”

The Queen Consort will be crowned, alongside the King, in the historic ceremony for King Charles III’s Coronation in May.

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