Sunday, 25 Jul 2021

Boris Johnson warned of new variants plaguing UK after ‘dangerous’ July 19 reopenning

July 19th: Dr Chaand Nagpaul issues warning

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Council Chair of the BMA, Dr Chaand NagPaul issued a warning to Boris Johnson and the Government over their coronavirus July 19 plan. While speaking on LBC, Dr Nagpaul argued that allowing Covid to spread significantly increased the risk of new variants. He noted that this would cause global concern and could result in further issues for other nations.

In addition to this, he said that the link between hospitalisations and infection rate was not yet severed.

He admitted that it had reduced, but added that the UK was still seeing a significant rise in people with long-Covid and being hospitalised

Dr Nagpaul said: “A July 19 reopening is dangerous because it is showing that the soaring cases in Covid are actually at the moment translating to the increases in hospitalisation.

“They have reduced but they are increasing significantly.

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“This is including an increased number of people suffering with long-Covid.

“It really does not make sense.

“There is no comparison with any other nation in the world of deciding to remove all restrictions at a time of soaring rates.”

Beyond the dangers that face the UK, Dr NagPaul highlighted why this could spell disaster for the international community as well.

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He said: “Another concern is a more global concern.

“When you have very high levels of infection, of Covid spreading, you increase the risk of Covid spreading.

“That is a public health concern that won’t just impact the UK.

“It could ultimately infect the whole world.

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“So we don’t think this is right time and many scientists do not think this is the right time across the world.

“They have concerns about the UK’s approach.”

Boris Johnson has insisted the Government intends to continue with its plans of removing the majority of restrictions on July 19.

However, he has admitted the Government remain vigilant on introducing more restrictions in the autumn. 

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