Thursday, 23 Sep 2021

Autumn crisis: UK has MORE covid cases, deaths and hospitalisations than last year – data

As the UK enters the autumn, Brits may have to brace themselves for a Covid crisis. In today’s Downing Street Press Conference, the Government’s official slides revealed some worrying figures as we head into autumn. Here’s a breakdown of the covid cases, deaths and hospitalisations recorded now compared to this time last year.

As we approach the coldest months of the year, scientists are urging Brits to be cautious and make sure they are vaccinated.

The NHS is also rolling out its biggest-ever flu jab programme, with the Government pledging to vaccinate 35 million people.

The number of Covid cases may have dropped in the last 24 hours compared to yesterday’s statistics, but worrying new graphs show a massive spike compared to last year.

Read on for the latest Covid data, and how it compares to 2020.

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What are the latest Covid statistics?

The UK has recorded 26,628 new COVID-19 cases in the last 24 hour period and 185 more Covid-related deaths.

This is a welcome drop from the 30,825 infections recorded yesterday, but covid related deaths were lower yesterday at 61 fatalities.

While 37,489 positive Covid infections and 209 deaths were announced this time last week.

How do rates compare to this time last year?

Graphs revealed by the Government show a worrying trend compared to this time last year.

In the latest Downing Street press conference, Chief Medical Officer Professor Chris Whitty revealed Covid cases, hospitalisations and deaths are higher than they were this time last year.

This time last year, on September 13, 2020, just five Covid related deaths were recorded.

This compares to the 61 fatalities recorded yesterday and the 185 fatalities in the last 24 hour period according to the latest Government data.

The number of positive Covid cases were also far lower this time last year.

Just 2,129 were recorded on September 13, 2020, compared to 30,825 on September 13, 2021.

But Professor Whitty added the success of the vaccine program puts the UK in a better position to fight the virus ahead of the winter.

This is because those vaccinated can still catch coronavirus but are far less likely to require hospital treatment or suffer from severe symptoms.

How will the Government deal with the rise in cases?

The PM set out the Government’s Covid strategy over the winter.

The winter strategy involves two plans, “plan A” and “plan B”.

Plan A is the promotion of vaccines and booster jabs and the continuation of regular Covid tests.

It also enforces isolation rules for those who test positive for the virus.

The PM assured Brits “More harmful economic and social restrictions would only be considered as a last resort.”

Plan B would be put in place if the Covid crisis worsened.

This could introduce face masks, vaccine passports and lockdowns.

The PM has insisted this would be a “last resort” and Government scientists say its hospital admissions which will be key to deciding if plan B needs to be implemented.

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