Sunday, 3 Jul 2022

‘A one-off!’ Kate and Prince William to close curtain on their children’s royal outings

Louis and Charlotte 'may not have full-time royal role' says expert

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Prince George, 8, Princess Charlotte, 7, and four-year-old Prince Louis were majorly involved in the celebrations for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee earlier this month. The adorable trio were spotted appearing alongside their parents at a few major events during the jam-packed four-day celebratory weekend. Their frequent appearance during the weekend has arose questions as to whether we will “see more” of the young royals over the coming years. Speaking on the latest Mail Plus’ Palace Confidential, royal correspondent Victoria Murphy discussed the Cambridge children and the possibility of more appearances in the future.

Palace Confidential’s host Jo Elvin asked Ms Murphy if “we’ll see more of the Cambridge children” or if their major appearances during the Jubilee weekend was “a real one-off”.

Ms Murphy replied: “I think this was a real one-off.

“I think the fact that we saw so much of them really emphasised the fact that this was a unique event, it was a unique historic moment”.

She added that it was “a real, kind of, family event”.

The royal correspondent added: “Generally, the Cambridges’ policy with their kids is completely behind doors, off-limits.

“They’re keen for them to have a childhood where they can just not worry about the spotlight”.

She added: “[and] I think that’s absolutely going to continue to be the case”.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge first became parents in 2013 when they welcomed their eldest child, a son, Prince George.

Queen's Jubilee: Prince George covers face as Louis celebrates

Kate gave birth to their first, and only, daughter Princess Charlotte in May 2015. In 2018, the couple welcomed their third child, and second son, Prince Louis.

The Duchess of Cambridge discussed her life as a mother-of-three when she appeared on Giovanna Fletcher’s Happy Mum Happy Baby podcast in February 2020.

During the interview, Kate spoke about her pregnancies, hypnobirthing, and struggles with mum guilt.

The Duchess suffered from a form of morning sickness called hyperemesis gravidarum and described herself as “not the happiest of pregnant people”.


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Kate is known for her love of photography and notably takes all the photos of her three children that are released to the public on momentous occasions, such as their birthdays.

Speaking on a past episode of the podcast Royally Obsessed, host Rachel Bowie discussed the reason why the Duchess takes charge of the photographs.

Ms Bowie said: “Apparently one of the reasons Kate snaps and releases photos of the kids is to put a dent in or kill off the market for paparazzi pics.

“This is something I actually didn’t realise but it does make a lot of sense.”

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