Thursday, 18 Apr 2024

Woman, 39, 'raped 14-year-old boy' to 'cheer herself up' when boyfriend was sent to prison'

A 39-YEAR-OLD woman sexually raped a 14-year-old boy to cheer herself up while her boyfriend was in prison, police say.

Leonora Propes reportedly told police she bedded the teen because she was depressed and missed her jailbird boyfriend Glenn Marr, 34.

She was arrested after the boy told police about the sexual encounters, which he says happened last summer in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

The boy’s mother alerted police on February 15.

The victim initially denied the accusations but eventually told police he had sex with Propes four times while Marr was in jail, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reported.

Propes first told police the teen’s mum lied about the sexual encounters and said she was being accused of stealing money from the mother.

She admitted she had sex with the boy during an interview with police on March 10.

Propes blamed her actions on depression and loneliness from when Marr was in prison, police said.

She was charged with statutory sexual assault and corruption of minors, among other charges.

Marr is said to have reported Propes’ ties with the teen but then told police he made it up to “get revenge” on his girlfriend.

Marr faces a charge of obstruction.

The pair will be in court on Wednesday.

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